A delicious tabbouleh and a watermelon and green salad for dinner at the Absolute Sanctuary detox spa in Thailand

Dinner tonight at a spa in Thailand,
living a #Travelife

Tonight at the Absolute Sanctuary detox spa in Thailand, living a #Travelife, I walked into the restaurant for my last dinner before flying out and returning home tomorrow to a weekend of activities for the Madrid Fusion Manila. 

This includes a party hosted by the Ambassador of Spain and a private dinner with a Michelin-starred chef.



The lady seated next to me, who is from Dubai and on an intensive weight loss program, was eating a delicious-looking plate of tabbouleh.

It was her second to the last night at the spa and she had finished the detox portion of her program and had progressed to back to proper food. I knew this because we exchanged notes whenever we bumped into each other at the spa or by the pool.

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After five days of nothing but raw food, that tabbouleh looked absolutely tantalising. So I said to her: “That looks amazing.

She looked at me with an I-feel-for-you look, and replied: “I’m sure you can have this. My husband was also on the detox program and he had this on his menu.

Well, I was positively sure this tabbouleh wasn’t on my particular detox menu.

Outdoor pavilion for Thai massages

Because after five days, I’ve memorised the raw food detox menu from top to bottom, and if tabbouleh was on it, I would have ordered it a long time ago.

Besides, tabbouleh is cooked — or at least it needs heat to make it somehow.


Salads, and more salads, and nothing but salads

Anyway, we decided to ask the staff. She said: “Can she have the tabbouleh?

I did my part by pretending to look really hungry.

But in truth, in spite of five days of eating nothing but raw food, I haven’t felt seriously hungry yet. Although I caught myself dreaming about Thai green curry with hot white rice while I was getting a massage earlier.


The staff was adamant. They really mean business at this spa, and good for all the people who have traveled here from all over the world to detox and lose weight.

“You can’t have tabbouleh,” they told me. “Enjoy your raw foods. It’s very delicious.

Yeah, right.


So, with an air of resignation, I ordered the same cabbage soup I’ve been having every evening. And then, to spice things up a bit, I ordered the Greek salad as a main course.

However, this turned out to be almost exactly like the watermelon salad I’ve been having everyday at lunch, except without the watermelons.

This is how the salad looked,
after I put watermelons in it

Fortunately, I love this watermelon salad. It’s really good but I’ve never ordered it at dinner because I have a rule of “no fruits after 5 PM.”


But life’s short, I thought, so let’s live a little. If I really want the watermelon salad, I should have it. 

So, I asked for a plate of watermelons and added it to my Greek salad, and had a lovely and really delicious watermelon salad instead on my last night at the Absolute Sanctuary detox spa in Thailand, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.