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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]TRAVELIFE Magazine is among the leading travel and lifestyle publications in Southeast Asia with extensive regional distribution and airline representation via in-flight libraries and/or airport lounges of various major airlines as well as one of the best social media infrastructure among magazines in Asia.

Aside from a bi-monthly paper publication, Travelife manages an online portal and a video channel. We also curate private travel experiences for discerning individuals around the world. 


Travelife Magazine Online showcases the voyages of the expert traveler. Get first-hand information on stimulating itineraries, luxury hotels, world-class airlines, hip bars and restaurants, and the latest resorts and spas. Check out great travel companion books and music, exclusive and trendy fashion and beauty brands, and sleek vehicles and gadgets.

Travelife Magazine Online also contains practical travel news and issues, crucial details and important travel advisories for a seamless trip. This allows you to plan your next trip like the experts. After all, half the fun of a trip is getting there.

The magazine has also launched a YouTube Channel that will contain video features from the travels of the team around the world. These videos aim to inspire viewers to discover more of the world and to travel in the footsteps of the magazine team.

The videos also provide special segments on some of the best experiences in the world. These include leading hotels, resorts, cruises, and airlines. It also features personalities from the fashion, business and travel industries. 


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Travelife Magazine Online is one of the most widely-read travel media in Asia Pacific. It has an avid following within the travel industry as well as among upmarket travelers who are interested in history, culture and gastronomic experiences.

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Now on its third year, Travelife TV is a light, entertaining and visually-breathtaking 30-minute travel and lifestyle show based on Travelife Magazine. It follows the lives of Travelife Magazine editors around the world, as they work on assignments.

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