Thursday, February 17, 2011

Perking up to the Wakeup Show

Yesterday morning I dragged myself out of bed at a rather ungodly hour to cross town and make it to the radio station of Mellow 94.7 FM to guest on The Wakeup Show with DJ Vince Golangco and his partner DJ Tracy Abad.

Frankly, it wasn't the best of mornings. I wasn't exactly in a perky mood, and it didn't help that until very late the previous night I'd been out drinking in Greenbelt with friends (see our previous post on the politics of texting). I'd made up my mind the previous night to stay only for an hour or two at most, but it just wasn't possible as the conversation was so interesting and friends and acquaintances just kept joining up with us.

A whole new world

When I walked into the 94.7 FM studio, however, my world suddenly changed. I don't know how to explain this, but it literally brightened up. I'm sure much of it had to do with the fact that DJ Vince and DJ Tracy are incredibly happy and perky people that you just have to get a little of that rubbed off on you. Yes, even in real life, they're as happy and perky as they sound.

I don't really listen to radio as I never have the time and I'm usually never in this city long enough to do so. But lots of people had told me that The Wakeup Show was one of the top-rated -- if not the best -- show for peak morning hours, and especially among certain consumers that happen to also fall into the Travelife Magazine reader bracket.

Full of life and fun

Well, DJ Vince and DJ Tracy were so full of life - and maybe that's the secret.

"It was a bit of a stretch to get here on time," I confessed to them. "How do you do it? And are you here at this time everyday?" They both nodded very happily. "Sometimes, we just have to go straight here though from a late night, in order to make it," Vince revealed. Then I asked: "And are you guys always so perky?"

Politics of Positivity

They looked very amused when I asked this. But then they turned serious. Tracy replied: "A lot of the morning shows these days are on the negative side. People are complaining about stuff on air. We thought we'd be the exact opposite and just be very happy, so that people listening to us will be happy as well and be able to start their day positively."

I had to agree. Life is hard enough as it is without having to listen to people complain more about it on the radio. And everything is really a matter of outlook. If you keep thinking life is good, it most certainly will be. Being with Vince and Tracy that morning certainly made it seem so.

Being on the other side of the mike

Meanwhile, guesting on radio was also so much fun. We all just sat around a set-up that was similar to a bar counter with huge mikes hanging above our heads, and talked and laughed very naturally -- as if yesterday morning was an extension of my night out with friends the previous night.

Hmm -- I could do this everyday, I thought to myself. I guess all of us were in some kind of friendly job-envy. There I was thinking what fun it would be to be a DJ after all, and Vince and Tracy too were gushing about my job. "Being a travel magazine editor must be the best job in the world," Tracy said. "Do you really get to travel a lot?"

I nodded. So Tracy said: "Do you need someone to carry your bags with you? Do you need interns?" Of course she was just kidding, but it was lots of fun banter.

The prodigal sunshine returns

So sunshine returned to my day courtesy of DJ Vince and DJ Tracy. And when I returned to my car, my phone beeped and there was a message from J. It read: "No, I haven't been in absentia...and my Blackberry hasn't been run over by a truck either." For some reason, we'd put a hiatus on texting the previous day, and I'd just mused openly on my blog that J had been in absentia and maybe someone had run over his mobile phone.

I smiled to myself and shot back a reply: "At least you're reading my blog..." Then I turned the radio on and tuned it to 94.7 FM.

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  1. WOW! Thanks so much for the awesome feature! We loved having you on the show too! Hope to see you again very soon!