Skiing in Hokkaido. And about the ice hotel in Sapporo and the great ski slopes at Sapporo Teine.

First Class on Japan Airlines to Sapporo’s Chitose Airport
in Hokkaido, living a #Travelife

I’m I must’ve done something really good in a previous life to be living such a never-endingly wonderful #Travelife.

My weeks started out in the tropics, 30 degree balmy weather and all.

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Then, short of time as always, I got back on a plane straight away to land in Hokkaido just in time to catch the lovely ice festival by Shikotsu Lake just outside Sapporo and the opening ceremonies of the Sapporo Snow Festival.

I’d stayed at Lake Shikotsu on an autumn hot springs trip sometime back, so this visit to Lake Shikotsu brought back many nice memories.


In between, we did lots of fun things like riding up and down mountains on a snowmobile, and then whizzing down the ski slopes just 30 minutes outside of Sapporo City.

The ski slopes are just 30 minutes away from Sapporo City and so are the mountains for driving snowmobiles.


The Teine ski slopes outside Sapporo City are less famous than Niseko, but also way nearer and way less crowded.

This means you can book a hotel in Sapporo and do many other things like shopping and eating out in a wide variety of restaurants, and then you can do day trips to the Sapporo Teine ski slopes and the snow mobile area.

#Travelife with us to Hokkaido this 2016.
for more details.

At Sapporo Teine, you can rent everything you need for skiing as well, so you don’t have to lug ski wear with you from home.

The ski  have jumpsuits, shoes, gloves, jackets and goggles, as well as all the ski equipment you need. There are even English-speaking staff and instructors. 

If you’re not a cross country type of skier, however, the snow in the nearer Sapporo ski area is still the same powder snow as in Nisei and it’s got different kinds of slopes for everyone.

Sapporo’s ski slopes are also cheaper and less crowded compared to Niseko.


As for the Ice Hotel in Sapporo, well, I’m a big fan.

No need to go to Jukkasjarvi in Sweden in -30 degree temperatures and spend a fortune getting there when the Ice Hotel just outside Sapporo City is so near. 

There are some differences in the two hotels, of course, as Sweden’s ice hotel is larger and has more artworks.

But, really, how much different can one temporary ice room be from another?

Lunch at a really out-of-the-way
Michelin two-star restaurant by the beach near Tokyo,
living a #Travelife…

My trip to Sapporo was short and sweet as I had to get back to Tokyo in time for a kaiseki lunch at a Michelin two-star restaurant in Yokohama and a dinner with friends in Tokyo. 

Plus I have a million things to do around the world in the next few months.

But I was really happy I went and I had such an enjoyable time in Sapporo, living a never-endingly eventful #Travelife.