Penthouse of Yu Kiroro


Travelife Magazine Publisher Christine Cunanan

The Kiroro Resort in Hokkaido, about one hour’s drive from the capital of Sapporo, is a wonderful self-contained resort for families. Travelers can visit in all four seasons of the year and find many things to do — from sports to wellness experiences. This is one of my favorite destinations for active holidays in Hokkaido and I certainly walk the talk. So far, I’ve been to the Kiroro Resort in three seasons of the year.


Of course, Hokkaido is most popular in the winter because of its powder snow, which is reportedly the best in Asia. And here, the Yu Kiroro ski-in / ski-out luxury hotel is perfectly placed for an excellent adventure holiday. It’s the top-end option among the hotels in the Yu Kiroro resort. Also, it benefits from a more intimate atmosphere and highly personalized service.

The Yu Kiroro Resort in Hokkaido is one of the best ski resorts for families in Japan

For instance, the Yu Kiroro van will pick up and drop off guests at the ski center whenever they wish. This way, Yu Kiroro guests need not wait for a scheduled shuttle bus. The hotel’s ski concierge can also pick up ski equipment and store these in the ground floor ski equipment room so guests don’t have to lug these up to their rooms.


The rooms are another story altogether. They’re practically apartments that are so nice to spend a few weeks in, rather than just a few days. Spacious and well-designed, these bright suites offer every convenience including a kitchenette and a storage room.

We stayed in the two bedroom suite over the winter, and these are perfect for families. The master bedroom overlooks a field and a ski lift, and everything is pristine white in the winter. The second bedroom — in our case a twin bedroom — was an inner room, but it was cozy and comfortable.


One of the perks of booking the Yu Kiroro is receiving access to its beautiful hot springs. As this is the most exclusive property in the Kiroro Resort, the hot springs facility too feels luxurious and serene. It’s got a large dressing room and a stylish bathhouse to go with the modern pool of wood and stone.

There’s also a 24-hour gym and a playroom for children on-site.

You see, the hotel has a lower density compared to its sister hotels so it feels more peaceful. Even the lobby resembles the living room of someone’s dream house or ski lodge, with stylish leather couches, modern art and lighting, animal skin carpets and unique decor.


Interestingly, this hotel actually consists of privately owned apartments that are managed by the Kiroro Resort team and then rented out to guests when the owners aren’t using the properties themselves. These go from 62 square meter one-bedroom suites to the 267 square meter Yu Kiroro penthouse with four bedrooms, a panoramic dining room and a hot springs bath on the terrace.

The Yu Kiroro Resort in Hokkaido is one of the best ski resorts for families in Japan

And last I checked, most were sold out but there were still a couple of units left on the primary and secondary markets. One of them was so beautiful that I seriously considered making Hokkaido my second home.

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Some photos courtesy of Yu Kiroro