Travelife Magazine features the rooftop bar of the Andaz Tokyo

Rooftop bar with a twist

Travelife Magazine Publisher Christine Cunanan

On our last night at the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, we booked a table for drinks at the rooftop bar. Andaz hotels are quite famous for their rooftop bars. The rooftop bar of the Andaz Singapore, for instance. with its plants and cozy seating, is one of the best places to unwind in the Lion City — for those in the know.

Similarly, the rooftop bar of the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills is the go-to place not only for guests, but for locals in-the-know. The trek is something of a maze, as you will need two elevators to get there from the street level. Along the way, you’ll pass the lobby, a restaurant, a chapel and a narrow and winding walkway that will make you wonder temporarily if you have taken a wrong turn and are heading for the maintenance room.


Champagne on the rooftop of Andaz Tokyo

However, the effort to get to the rooftop bar is worth it. You will find yourself in a cavernous space of dark wood and bright lights with the feel of a Hollywood film set and unparalleled views of Tokyo. When seated, the ceiling is so high that you will wonder whether there is actually one at all. It turns out that your hunch was right.

The rooftop bar is semi-open air as there is an open portion that allows air to enter and to circulate all year round. This is particularly important now for safety amidst the COVID19 pandemic, and perhaps this is why this bar is reportedly always comfortably full. Social distancing can be properly observed and the ceiling heights allow guests to relax and not think much about whether they are seated in the air stream of the guests in the next table.


Travelife Magazine features the rooftop bar of Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

“This is perfect for private celebrations, corporate events or for group drinks,” my companion said. We got the corner table so we had the panoramic view of the bar. Indeed, it’s a great venue for a casual get-together in a special place that can be as exciting or as romantic as you wish it to be. It’s probably got the best up close and personal view of Tokyo Tower as well, out of any hotel.

Travelife Magazine features Andaz Tokyo rooftop bar

The music when we were there was upbeat and cool, as were the guests and the wait staff. The bar team, for example, is young and enthusiastic. They could all have been extras on a movie set, which probably adds to the Hollywood feeling. They’re also happy to recommend nice cocktails, in case you can’t pick the right one for you from the lengthy menu of drinks.

Travelife Magazine features the rooftop bar of Andaz Tokyo


Meanwhile, the bar chow is short but very sweet. We ordered several items and everything was delicious. The wagyu sliders and the chicken nuggets seem to be everyone’s favorite — so this should give you an idea of the casual but stylish vibe of this rooftop bar.

Then there’s the X factor of the experience. Prices are reasonable and yet for a few hours you’re afforded the opportunity to go somewhere you’ve never been and literally feel on top of the world.

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