My favorite suite in Macau is #3388 of Crown Towers of the City of Dreams

That’s the very spacious foyer you see past the door.
3388 is supposed to be a very lucky number in Chinese.

My favorite suite in Macau is suite #3388 of Crown Towers, the top-tier luxury hotel in the dynamic and exciting City of Dreams development.
The City of Dreams is an impressive one-stop entertainment center in Macau with three hotels, countless restaurants, even more shops, and first-rate casino facilities. It’s just minutes from the airport.
Incidentally, The City of Dreams is opening in Manila at the end of the year. This will be their second City of Dreams after Macau.
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The Michelin-starred Jade Dragon of the Crown Towers
But back to the three hotel choices in The City of Dreams in Macau.
It has the Grand Hyatt to cater to the luxury and business market and the Hard Rock Hotel to cater to the younger market. 
Then there’s the crown jewel, the Crown Towers, for a more exclusive clientele as well as for casino high rollers.
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It has two Michelin-starred restaurants and a very good Japanese wagyu restaurant serving the highest-grade Kobe beef.
It also has two excellent spas — one at the Grand Hyatt and another at the Crown Towers
And the spa at the Crown Towers has just been given a Forbes five-star rating
I had a tuina massage there this morning, and it was just wonderful.
I just love this living room,
with its two-storey height
On the 33rd floor of Crown Towers is suite #3388, which is the equivalent of the presidential suite. 
It’s got three bedrooms, so it’s perfect for families or for friends traveling together, and it boasts of the most amazing view of Macau.
At about 420 square meters, it’s pretty palatial, but it’s not by all means the largest suite in Macau.
However, I think it’s the most tasteful suite in the city.
I love it. I could live here. 
And if I had to re-do my house all over again, I would decorate it in this manner. 

It’s elegant and yet comfortable and relaxing, with nothing that says “don’t touch me.”
There’s a telescope in the dining room
Apart from the lovely living room which is perfect for entertaining, it has a very nice kitchen, a decent dining room, a great media center.
My favorite bedroom
All three bedrooms are lovely. 
However my favorite bedroom is the main one which has a panoramic view of the Cotai district and a fantastic spa bathroom I could spend hours in. 
It even has an exercise bike which is positioned in front of a scenic window in the bathroom.
If I lived in this suite, I would get on this bike every morning. And then I would cool down in my private sauna.
This is just the suite’s breakfast counter and bar
Yes, I could live happily in Macau, if I had this suite to call home. But unfortunately, I’m forever traveling on a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.
Next stop, Manila for the weekend. After that, the rest of the world awaits….