Luxury hotels in Taiwan: Grand Hyatt Taipei

Christine Cunanan checks into the Grand Hyatt Taipei for a
short and serene stay. 

It was a hot long weekend in Manila and we were looking for
an easy destination for a stress-free holiday when I suddenly thought of Taipei.
Only two hours away, it offered a completely different environment in terms of
culture, food and climate, with some great shopping thrown in. 

The temperature in Taipei was especially welcome; it was a good five degrees cooler in Taipei when we
landed on a Saturday afternoon and soon we were speeding down the highway in
the stretch BMW of the Grand Hyatt Taipei, enjoying views of lush greenery and
quaint buildings on both sides, on our way to the hotel.

The opulence that greets as guests at the Grand Hyatt Taipei
I’m a hotel junkie so choosing the Grand Hyatt Taipei was an
easy decision. It’s literally the grand dame of luxury hotels in Taiwan, with
mammoth exteriors and a massive dramatic lobby of marble and gold, all aglitter,
that will impress even the most jaded travelers.
Guests will find that Grand Hyatt hotels around the world never fail to impress guests with even the most discerning tastes.


The hotel has an impressive palette of gold and glitter 
 A brand new look 
But happily, there’s more to this 853-room hotel than size. 

It underwent a major renovation several years ago so that its new rooms now offer
serenity amidst the bustle of Taipei, plus the best of Oriental design, Chinese
and modern comforts. Yes, you actually leave the white noise of the big
city behind once you swipe your card key and close the doors.

Curious Chinese accents light up the interiors of the room
Moreover, its location in the fashionable Xinyi district is perfect,
as it’s only a short walk to Taipei’s Manhattan area, including to the trendy
Eslite building
, mecca for Taiwanese yuppies, and Taipei 101 Mall and Financial
is just across the street. 
A great view of the Taipei Financial Tower

Home away from home 

For this stay, we chose the Premier Suite of the Grand Hyatt Taipei which is
really like the cool apartment everyone wants to have in Taipei – and much more
since all its windows face Taipei 101. I don’t think too many luxury apartments
enjoy this advantage.
Immediately upon entering the suite, too, I noticed just how
well the space was used to maximize style and functionality, although at 132
square meters, this is certainly far from a modest hotel room. 

An entrance done
in dark paneled wood leads to one long horizontal space divided quite
methodically according to functions. A living area runs along one entire side; meanwhile
the opposite side with windows houses the dining area for six at one end with a
private kitchen adjacent to it complete with a family table and separate staff
entrance. There’s also an extremely well-designed study with ample workspace
and a very comfortable chair.

Every corner of guest rooms are maximized for functionality and are beautified with contemporary art 

This entire suite at the Grand Hyatt Taipei was filled with contemporary furniture, calming
artworks, and warm lighting to contrast the bright lights outside – making for
what the hotel calls, and quite appropriately so, the most relaxing hotel space
in Taipei. 

Then there were the quirky design touches such as figurines on top
of the television and decorative vases along the waist-high shelf running the
entire length of the public room that added some fun to the suite.

Rooms are relatively more muted than the hotel’s public spaces that are filled with eye-catching pieces
Behind the closed door 
In the next room is the private space consisting of a bedroom
with an adjoining master bathroom. 

In contrast to the dramatic public space of
this suite, large enough for a cocktail party for 20, the bedroom is designed
quite simply with almost nothing to catch the eye, enabling a night of
excellent sleep in monotone. Directly on top of the bed, too, are French
that open up completely when awake, making everything bright even on
the cloudiest day.  

French windows that open up completely to let in the view, and the sun

The bathroom of the suite of the Grand Hyatt Taipei, too, is a design aficionado’s dream, with a
stand-alone bathtub and corner walk-in shower, plus a streamlined two-basin

It’s really the kind you see more in interior magazines featuring the
homes of the rich and famous rather than in actual hotel rooms.

Even the bathroom was well-designed and thoughtfully laid out

This suite was undoubtedly reconfigured according to feng
because the flow of movement is natural and effortless,
encouraging an unburdening of the mind and the relaxation of the spirit. In
fact, in this room, I didn’t just move, I floated. I felt like I was home.
It may be hard to leave the comforts of such an elegant hotel, but rest assured that a quick walk around the nearby sights and popular recreational and leisure areas in Taipei will be worth the trip. For your convenience, see the places that are worth visiting below. See you in our next visit to the Grand Hyatt Taipei! 
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
National Palace Museum
Confucius Temple
Beitou Hot Spring
Shihlin Night Market
Shogshan Cultural and Creative Park
Confucius Temple in Taipei


Taipei 101 Mall and Financial Tower
XinYi District
Yung-Kang Area
DingHao Area in East Taipei
Mirama Entertainment Park
XiMenDing that’s as lively in the evening as it is during the day