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Back to the basics of a delicious chicken teppanyaki in Shibuya, Tokyo

That was my delicious and cheap chicken teppanyaki lunch
in Tokyo last week, living a never-endingly eventful Travelife

My first lunch back in Tokyo two weekends ago, living a Travelife, was at a pretty local restaurant in Shibuya that served chicken in unique ways.

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Each table had a teppanyaki grill for the evenings.

But at lunch, they served very reasonably-priced lunch sets that were quite delicious.


I ordered a teppanyaki chicken lunch, and my set — which cost JYEN 1400 — came with juicy pieces of chicken already cooked along with some vegetables.

The chicken was cooked almost like a steak, and it came on a hot teppanyaki plate.

The waiter said to me: “It’s cooked rare and delicious that way. But if you would like it cooked some more, just place it on the hot stone for a bit longer.”

The teppanyaki plate came with a hot stone that could cook a chicken longer.

It was served with a bowl of rice, a bowl of grated yam to place over the rice, and another big bowl of healthy chicken soup.

The chicken soup seemed so good and healthy. I had a feeling it would be able to cure anything. Or at least to cure a common cold.

It was really very nice comfort food, especially when I think about the price.

After so many days of pretty fancy food, it was also wonderful to go back to the basics in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.



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