Thursday, January 18, 2018

Drum Tao in Tokyo and about the drop in Bitcoin and other crypto currency

The other day, the values of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency dived down, causing great concern among some crypto currency investors. However, other investors saw the drop in the value of Bitcoin as a great Bitcoin buying opportunity and a chance to invest in cryptocurrency

Travelife Magazine is bringing the Drum Tao show to Manila this April

Good afternoon from onboard Japan Airlines, enjoying a banana leche flan for dessert and a Watergate movie, on my way to Tokyo for the weekend to eat some real sushi (winter sushi is the best) and to watch the new show of Drum Tao

Dessert onboard Japan Airlines last night


And after that 90 degree drop in the values of #Bitcoin and other crypto currencies on Tuesday, I sure needed 2 glasses of 40% proof plum liqueur straight with my food. 

The drop in the values of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency on Tuesday certainly defied even my worst expectations for just how drastic crypto currency values can gyrate. Of course, I’ve lived through lots of investment bear markets so I know how to keep my head on straight when these happen. 

Nevertheless, it is unnerving, so I looked to a seasoned investor for advice. 



Bitcoin fell through the roof,” I messaged him somewhere else in this wonderful world, late yesterday. He’s completely uninterested in crypto currency right now, preferring to plunk his money into fine wine. And then to drink the wine. 

“Well, isn’t this the moment you’ve been waiting for then?” He replied back. 

Yes, for those with guts and cash in the crypto market, Tuesday was a big buying opportunity for crypto currency. Will another similar buying opportunity for crypto currency come again? Who knows? 

I answered: “Yes, but it’s still an ouch moment.” I could’ve gone on safari with that money, after all. 

Travelife Magazine is bringing the Drum Tao show to Manila this April


My friend, who was quite a legendary investor during the famous Tokyo bull market, then said: “In my experience, the toughest decisions usually turn out to be the best.” 

So I bought on yesterday’s dip, but of course only with money that’s the equivalent of a nice weekend trip somewhere — or more specifically, with the money I should have used to pay for a private meditation retreat at the Aman in Indonesia in a few weeks’ time. I promised to pay yesterday and then the crypto drop happened. So I bought Bitcoin yesterday with this money first. 

Travelife Magazine is bringing the Drum Tao show to Manila this April


Then one of my neighbors, who has been tutoring me about Bitcoin, also said: “Buy whatever Bitcoin you can get hold of. You’ll probably be smiling in February.” So with a little luck and a rise in the value of Bitcoin, my private Aman meditation retreat in Indonesia will turn out to be free. 

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend in Japan, then it’s back to Manila on Monday for work and a barbecue party. Incidentally, Travelife Magazine is bringing the amazing Drum Tao group to Manila this April. Don’t miss their show. I guarantee it’ll rock your world. 

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