Monday, December 1, 2014

JAL is now flying the wonderful new 787 between Tokyo and Manila once a day

Good afternoon from Manila, living a pretty lucky Travelife.

Today, when I got to my usual seat, 1A of Japan Airlines between Tokyo and Manila, I had to look around me before even putting my bag in the overhead compartment.

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Wow. The seat had changed and business class was just noticeably more spacious.

JAL used to only have 1 small compartment for business class, of about four or five rows. On the flight today, we had two sections for business class, with a galley right up front and another one in between the two business class sections.

It was only 10 AM, but I just felt like having my own version of a Mimosa.
So I asked the stewardess to bring me a glass of orange juice
and some champagne. And then I did a little mixing myself.

And we had way more bathrooms on this flight, than I've ever seen on a Tokyo-Manila flight before. Plus, several of the bathrooms in business class are more spacious than average.

I actually gushed to the stewardess, as I just couldn't help it: "Wow. This is so much better than before."


Lunch today onboard JAL

No kidding. The new business class seat is just great.

It's not a complete flat bed but it's certainly way better than anything JAL has had in recent memory.

It's spacious, high-tech and has more configurations to get the exact position you want.


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When I got to Manila, I was the first one out of the plane.

It just so happened one of the JAL staff I know was waiting on the ground, and he said to me: "You just rode the new plane. This is our very first flight. And this will be the afternoon flight for Manila-Tokyo everyday until March."

JAL is flying the new 787 once a day between Tokyo and Manila until March.


"Best trip ever."

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This will arrive at noon in Manila from Tokyo and take off at about 230 PM back for Tokyo, so better time your flight for this if you're as picky about airline comfort as I am.

Oh my goodness. Talk about a nice piece of luck in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.


PS: I was going through Immigrations today and the officer who stamped me in said: "I think I also processed your departure when you left."

I thought he was joking, because he must get thousands of people a day passing through his booth. But he actually said: "You were a big group, right? Going to Morocco?"

Talk about a really good memory for a never-ending Travelife.... 

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