Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Watching the Rolling Stones in Macau, and about the Taboo show at the City of Dreams

The last time I was in Macau, living a never-endingly eventful Travelife, was just a few weeks ago. I flew to Macau for the historic concert of the Rolling Stones.

And wasn't that amazing.

But I can't really say I visited Macau on that trip.

We literally flew into Macau just for the Rolling Stones show, taking someone's private jet from Tokyo just in time for the start of the show.

And then we took the jet back again at first light the next day, since most of my companions needed to be back at work in Tokyo by Monday morning.

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Yes, Macau has some wonderful restaurants but we didn't even have time for a meal in Macau, unless you call lots of champagne a meal.

From this guy's private jet, we went straight to the Rolling Stones concert, and then crashed in some nice hotel after a few swigs of champagne at some swanky nightclub.


A few hours later, we were out the hotel door again and into the jet, flying back to Tokyo before anyone could say "I love Macau."

And, if you must know, dinner on that Sunday night was actually takeouts of Mos Burger, eaten in the jet on the way to Macau, with Krug champagne.

As for breakfast, we all had continental breakfasts in packed boxes from the hotel, in the jet on the way back to Tokyo.

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So when this idea to actually properly visit Macau for two days came up, I happily agreed to go.

It was just what I needed this week, after three days at The Farm at San Benito, and before my spa holiday in the Czech Republic next week.

A peacock drank from the swimming pool
at The Farm at San Benito
while I was having my massage in the open-air pavilion


We arrived in Macau at about 4 PM today, and already a hundred things have happened.

If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram -- or even via our Facebook Fan Page -- you'll have seen photos of everything we've eaten and some of what we've done.

in real-time via your phone or iPad

I even posted a photo of my pretty swell suite in one of Macau's nicest hotels.

I'll write more about these later.


At the City of Dreams in Macau tonight

But for now, let me tell you how today ended.

We had dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant and then afterwards we actually watched a cabaret show called Taboo at the City of Dreams, getting Table A1, which is the best table in the house.

Of course we ordered lots of champagne.


I wasn't prepared to like this show very much, so I was just being a good sport by going along as everyone else was going too.

Interestingly, I actually enjoyed this show very much. It's like a risque version of Cirque du Soleil, with very good music and tasteful performances.

I especially liked the music.

Nothing at all like the cabaret shows in Paris, which have turned into typical tourist shows.


You must see this show, if you find yourself in Macau.

And make sure you get Table A1, which has the best location.

Finally, make sure you're seated and waiting for the pre-show, which starts at 945 PM. Wow.

That's all I'm going to say for now, about just another wonderful day in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Good night from Macau.

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  1. You have a really amazing life. I envy you.