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International Travel Festival 2013 at SMX, December 10-11, 2013

Rising from the world economic recession in 2008, the global tourism industry is now gaining momentum for sustained growth, and so is the Philippines, powered by vacationing overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and an increasing number of visitors from East Asian countries.

Such is the phenomenon behind the emergence of the forthcoming International Travel Festival (ITF) 2013.

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The inclusion of both inbound and outbound travel makes ITF a boon to a genuine two way tourism traffic, enabling it to contribute to the growth of the global tourism industry now reportedly worth an estimated $1.15 trillion from a yearly revenue rise of 1.5 percent over the past five years.

ITF organizers Exlink Events says the Philippines can also benefit from the foreign trips of its citizens through new product ideas, business concepts, knowledge and discoveries, innovation and technologies, and modern insights that they will bring with them on their return home.

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“At the same time, international airlines that fly Filipinos to overseas destinations will also have to bring in tourists from abroad in their return flights,” said Exlink chief executive officer Mitch Ballesteros. “Thus, the net effect of brisk inbound and outbound travel is a thriving tourism industry that gets a boost from both ends.


Tourism contributed of US$6.3 trillion and 255 million jobs to the global economy in 2011 alone.

“This positive development makes the International Travel Festival very timely, effectively promoting the Philippines as a major player in global tourism, not just as a tourist destination, but also as a preferred source of world-class tourists,” Ballesteros added.

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Participating at the International Travel Festival are exhibitors from both inbound and outbound sectors involving airlines, hotels and resorts, travel agencies, tour operators, MICE (meetings, incentives travel, conventions, and events) organizers shopping malls and retail chains.

Transfer and transport firm, cruise ships and domestic passenger vessels, telecommunication companies, destination owners and managers, banks and financial institution, and the academe and various service providers, are also included.

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To be showcased at the expo are both local and foreign destinations and travel establishments, making it a truly international event that can help the Department of Tourism attain its target of 10 million foreign and 56 million domestic tourist by 2016.

The International Travel Festival 
SMX Convention Center 
December 11-12, 2013 

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Ex-link Management and Marketing Services Corp. 
Tel (632)643-3887

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