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Feng shui and what to do for good luck this Chinese New Year 2013

The other day, in Manila living a Travelife, I had lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Manila with the feng shui master himself, Master Joseph Chau.

Of course, I peppered him with questions about what people should do for better luck in business, health, wealth, love and other things.

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The internationally famous Master Chau, who has been practicing feng shui for over 30 years, was kind enough to answer me.

So for those who aren't attending the fabulous Chinese New Year's dinner at the Mandarin Oriental ballroom on February 10, I'm posting some guidelines.

I'm going to be one those absent for this auspicious event, by the way, as I'll be sitting on a golden beach in Colombo at exactly this time, waiting for my flight back to Manila.

Living a Travelife and having a wonderful time, of course, but missing a great event all the same.

2013 is the year of the YIN WATER SNAKE

Official start
February 10, 2013 at 00:01 hrs

Lucky colors for 2013
Gold, silver, white, beige, yellow and brown

Unlucky colors
Green, black, grey and royal blue

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Financially, it is a fortunate year for Snakes. Money will come from all sources, but it will be easy come and easy go. They have to watch their expenses and pay attention to the relationships with their father, partners, friends and siblings. Don't expect much in the area of love.


This will be a challenging year. Financially, it will be a flat line and they should be very careful in handling expenses. Love shines bright, though, and there will be many chances to fall in love.


Their fortunes will improve and there will be many opportunities for career and business development, as well as for love. However, they must pay attention to diet and hygiene to avoid sickness. 


The luck of monkeys will improve vs. last year, but they have to be careful in business and work. They are likely to easily get involved in love affairs, but they need to pay attention to their diets to avoid digestive and stomach problems.


Many business opportunities will open for them but they should not look for fast success or shortcuts. Financially, it will be a stable year, and they should consider buying property if possible. Love affairs will not be very stable this year.


It is a good year for proving themselves at work and business, and it will be a smooth year financially. This is a romantic year for Dogs, and single Dogs will have a chance to meet their dream partner and end up getting married.


This will be a year of frustration. It is not the right time for Pigs to start or expand their own businesses. If they insist on doing so, they must exercise caution. Financially and in love affairs, Pigs will not be fortunate this year either. They should try to get enough rest and avoid exhaustion.


This is a flat year for Rats but they will survive because they are strong and flexible. It will be a good year financially, although they should keep an eye on spending. This will be a weak year in terms of love.


It will be a tough year in terms of finances, and they will experience many problems and obstacles. If they are patient and if they work hard, they will be able to enjoy good profits. Love and romance is dim this year. Dating lovers should reach a common understanding to avoid quarrels. It is not a lucky year for travel.


It will be a rough and tough year for Tigers, but with strength and hard work they can be successful and avoid a fall. They should learn to save money for a rainy day, and not be either too greedy or to trustful of others.

Love shines brightly. Singles may have an opportunity for marriage, while married couples should be ready for a baby in the family.


This is a busy year with good income, but a fluctuating year for love. Married Rabbits should avoid love temptations to avoid future problems. Health will tend to break down easily.


Their luck will be better than last year, but it is important that they keep calm, patient and avoid being overly-emotional. They will have a stable income and earn reasonable profits. In terms of love, their star shines brightly; but they may suffer from health problems.

Best wishes from all of us 
at Travelife Magazine
for the coming Chinese New Year


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