Friday, November 30, 2012

The all new look of NAIA's Duty Free Philippines

So one week after returning from a pretty enjoyable trip to South Africa, living a TRAVELIFE, I'm back at the airport again to spend the long weekend in Hong Kong.

It's going to be lots of walking around with kids in the daytime, but at least I can look forward to a nice and relaxing dinner every night -- the kind of dinners you bring little black dresses (LBD) for. So, of course, I've brought three LBDs for my three evenings in Hong Kong.


My schedule this week was so crazy -- and yesterday especially so -- that I actually forgot to tell my household that we were flying to Hong Kong first thing in the morning today. I knew in my mind that I was flying today, Friday, but apparently I'd completely forgotten to tell everyone else.

So the first they'd heard that they were going to Hong Kong was last night at 10 PM, when I'd returned from a long day and was planning to pack for the trip before sleeping.


And this morning I passed the Duty Free at NAIA 1 and I noticed that it's been completely renewed. I was just here three weeks ago, on my way to South Africa, and I hadn't noticed this all new look then.

But today, I had just enough time to pass by and check out the new displays and new products, and everything looked very attractive.

It's a fresher and more contemporary look, and it has a more First World feel now.

I'm posting some photos here so you can see how nicely Duty Free Philippines has re-invented itself.


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