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All summer afternoons in Hokkaido should be like this

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Everyone flies to Hokkaido in the winter to ski. However, it’s actually just as wonderful in the summer. This is when the flowers are in bloom and the trees are a verdant shade of green that represent hope and life. It’s pure happiness to stroll around, enjoying the clear skies and cool weather.

This was how we felt, staying for a few days at the Chalet Mizunara. This is a lovely four-bedroom modern villa that we found via the Elite Havens website. It’s considered one of the nicest rental villas in the neighborhood of Lower Hirafu, an area popular with tourists.

Niseko Gourmet cooks breakfast at the Chalet Mizunara of Elite Havens in Niseko, Hokkaido

One day, we’d just had brunch and were relaxing in the living room. Niseko Gourmet offers catering for Chalet Mizunara and we’d taken them up for daily brunches and dinners. That particular day, Annie of Niseko Gourmet had made the most delicious chicken rice at my request. We’d eaten way too much and something healthy was in order.


Niseko Gourmet cooks breakfast at the Chalet Mizunara of Elite Havens in Niseko, Hokkaido

This was when the idea hit me. I asked Annie: “Is there a good masseuse who can come over?”

What better way to spend the afternoon, than having a relaxing massage several hours after a relaxing meal. Annie had a quick answer. A French lady named Melody actually offered massage treatments for Chalet Mizunara guests. She literally brought a spa with her. She had a large folding massage table, a pile of fluffy towels, and even spa music on demand.


WHAT BOOKS TO READ ON HOLIDAY at the Chalet Mizunara run by Elite Havens in Niseko

We read books until Melody arrived with her paraphernalia. Entering the living room, she asked cheerfully: “Where shall we set up for the massage?”

I looked around the villa as there were several options for a massage venue. We even had extra bedrooms to turn into a spa treatment room, if needed. But the second floor terrace suddenly caught my eye. So I said: “Can we have an al fresco massage? On the terrace?”


Home service massage in Niseko at the Chalet Mizunara of Elite Havens in Hokkaido

The second floor terrace of the Chalet Mizunara is surrounded by greenery so there is enough privacy. Melody replied: “That’s a wonderful idea.” She quickly set up the spa on the terrace and we took turns getting the knots kneaded out of our backs.

Melody turned out to be one of the best massage therapists I’d ever met. She had a sixth sense for aches and pains, and a skilled touch. Furthermore, it was wonderful to lie on a massage bed in the open air hearing the birds chirping around.


When my 60 minutes of bliss were over, I couldn’t wait to have it all over again. So I quickly booked her for every afternoon of our stay. And then it became a wonderful way of spending our days at the Chalet Mizunara, living a Travelife.

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