Where to eat in London

The London foodie black book

Chef Anton Mosimann shares with TRAVELIFE Magazine his recommendations on where to go in London and what he does when he’s not cooking in the kitchen.

Swiss-born Anton Mosimann has lived in London for over 40 years, receiving the Order of the British Empire (OBE) along the way. His passion for food and his zest for life continues to fuel his creativity, evident in his culinary masterpieces.


He has cooked for Queen Elizabeth II herself, and her family, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. His Mosimann’s Club remains one of London’s most prestigious dining establishments.

Last year, the Mosimann Collection was launched at the César Ritz Colleges in Le Bouveret, Switzerland. Chef Anton’s private collection is composed of thousands of interesting culinary curio such as rare cookbooks, unusual kitchen utensils, royal menu cards and works of art. The collection also chronicles his life and serves as a valuable resource and an inspiration to the many students of the Swiss Education Group.

Chef Anton Mosimann


Read his top recommendations for London’s hot spots.

My LAST BEST MEAL in London was chicken feet at Plum Valley. It’s a Chinese restaurant where they serve two kinds of chicken feet. One is Thai style, off the bone, and I love it. The other one is in a black bean sauce. I prefer the Thai style because it’s a bit spicy.    

MY FAVORITE MARKETS for grocery shopping are Borough Market and
the Pimlico Road Farmers’ Market, which is in my neighborhood.   I usually take my wife on A ROMANTIC DATE at the Ritz Hotel.

Ritz Hotel, Picadilly
Photo courtesy of VisitBritain
Ritz Hotel, Picadilly
Photo courtesy of VisitBritain

My LATEST FOOD DISCOVERY in London is Vietnamese street food
on Wardour Street
. I love Vietnamese street food.  

The MOST PICTURESQUE SPOT in all of London is Buckingham Palace. It’s still exciting, even though I’ve been there many times.   I FIND INSPIRATION FOR MY CULINARY CREATIONS in Soho where there are some very exciting international food, mainly Oriental cuisine. The Chinese Market in Soho also sells things you don’t find anywhere else.

Pecorino Favoloso, Borough Market, London
Photo courtesy of VisitBritain


After a long day, I LIKETO UNWIND AND RECHARGE by going running in Hyde Park. And then there will be a glass of Mosimann champagne at home.   A LOVELY DAY IN LONDON should be spent going to the wonderful art galleries and food market on Cork Street. Very often I get a coffee for my wife there on a Saturday morning – she loves caramel macchiato.  

The BEST PLACES FOR A CERTIFIED FOODIE to explore are the fantastic
markets. Food halls in London like Harrods are exciting, even to just to look around and smell. Selfridges and Harvey Nichols are good, too.  

Buckingham palace gardens
Photo courtesy of VisitBritain
Buckingham palace gardens
Photo courtesy of VisitBritain

I NEVER GET TIRED OF going to musicals. I’m a great fan. I’ve seen “Cats” and “Mama Mia” a few times. I also recently saw the Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall and I loved it.  

TRAVELERS SHOULD VISIT the wonderful Covent Garden and do the pop tours. There are a lot of museums and so many things to see. But I don’t recommend doing everything in one day. Take your time, and come back again if necessary. Enjoy the experience and don’t rush it.

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