The Law of Attraction and a hotel suite in Kobe

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There’s a formula to getting (almost) everything you want in life and it’s called The Law of Attraction. It can be applied to every aspect of life, and it’s especially useful for travel. Just this weekend, I used it to get a hotel suite in Kobe.

Mind you, I did not actively apply it to get this hotel suite. When you are experienced enough about the Law of Attraction, it becomes a way of life. It’s almost second nature. And then, this is where the magic starts to happen.


The Law of Attraction and a hotel suite in Kobe
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You might be asking: what exactly is the Law of Attraction? It means to exist in a state of pure purpose and high vibrational energy. In this state, you have no space or even patience for negative things. Once you reach this level, which anyone can do with practice and discipline, almost everything works out for you.

I stress “almost” because there are times when the Law of Attraction is blocked from working properly. These are the times when I attach too much importance to what I want instead of making a wish and going with the flow. When I’m so stressed about the outcome, it’s always slower to come.

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But everyday things are a piece of cake if you keep your vibrations high and avoid low energy things like gossip, envy and pettiness. Friends who travel with me are always surprised how and why everything always goes as planned. Even things that don’t turn out the way I planned actually turn out for the better.

The Law of Attraction and a hotel suite in Kobe


Once I was on a flight to Prague on Turkish Airlines from Hong Kong via Istanbul. To catch this flight, I had to take Cathay Pacific from Manila to Hong Kong. Unfortunately there was congestion in Manila airport so our Cathay Pacific flight for Hong Kong took off late.

I knew I would miss my connection but I wasn’t too worried. I knew everything would be okay. When I reached Hong Kong, indeed, an airline staff was waiting with my name on a signboard.

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Immediately I was put on a Cathay Pacific flight to Frankfurt and then Turkish Airlines arranged for me to take Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Prague. Everything worked out and I actually arrived in Prague three hours earlier than planned. And, of course, everyone can always use more time in Prague!

The Four Seasons Hotel in Prague, which is my home away from home in the Czech Republic, already had my room ready too. So everything worked out wonderfully.

The Law of Attraction and a hotel suite in Kobe


Meanwhile, just this weekend in Kobe for a short holiday, I checked into a hotel that I hadn’t booked myself. I’d let someone else do the arrangements. But when I saw the room, I said to myself: “This is such a small room. I wish I’d booked the suite.”

Then I thought no more about this save to look at the bright side. It was a small room but it had one of the loveliest views of Kobe. We went out to dinner shortly after and returned to the hotel at around 10 PM.

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By some fluke completely independent of any actions from me, it became necessary to vacate my hotel room and instead we were transferred to a lovely corner suite.

I was quite tired last night so I didn’t think anything of it anymore. I was just happy to have a suite with a tatami room and a wonderful futon for sleeping. But this morning, I realised that I had indeed wished for a suite instead of my original small hotel room yesterday. And I had gotten my wish by the end of the day without doing anything at all except to keep happy and grateful.

This kind of situation always happens to me. I’d like to think it’s the Law of Attraction at work.