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Sands Resort Macao Team Lands in Tokyo

Christine Cunanan

Sands Resorts Macao recently held its ‘The Fabric of Macao’ roadshow extravaganza in Tokyo. Japan’s top travel industry representatives, meeting organisers and media partners attended the formal dinner and performance. This was the fourth stop after successful events in Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul.

The event spotlighted Sands Resorts Macao’s offerings and once-in-a-lifetime experiences through a fusion of luxury, art and entertainment. This was certainly a great way to entice Japanese travel partners and travelers back to Macao after the pandemic.

Macao in Tokyo

The Sands Resort Macao organized a Macao roadshow at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo featuring the best of Macao

Kris Kaminsky, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, Sands China Ltd. and a former Tokyo resident himself said, “We are thrilled to bring ‘The Fabric of Macao’ Asia-wide roadshow series to Tokyo.”

He added: “Here in one of Macao’s most important visitor source markets, we warmly welcome our guests to feel the vibrant pulse of Sands Lifestyle.”

They also brought talented Macao artists to reinforce the uniqueness of Macao, including a DJ, a candy maker, a fashion designer and a painter..

The Sands Resort Lifestyle

Over cocktails and dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, the company presented the Sands Resort Lifestyle and its deep connection with Macao. The entire team was present to offer a big hello to the Japanese travel industry and to welcome everyone back to Macao.

Quite appropriately too, since Macao is now connected to Hong Kong Airport by a bridge. This means travelers headed for this former Portugese territory for some fun, shopping, gambling or fine dining can simply land in Hong Kong and take a car to Macao. What. a huge difference this will make from now.

The Sands Resort Macao organized a VIP dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo featuring the best of Macao

Each Sands Lifestyle pillar represented as an opulent fabric with defined prints.

The Fabric of Macao includes the exquisite Portuguese ‘azulejos’ tiles. They also had an auspicious Chinese good luck knot to connect people, places and experiences. The event organizers also added auspicious Chinese elements like shimmering gold for the glamorous Fashion scene and a lotus flower pattern in earth tones for Health and Wellness.

Cocktails with Macao DJ Luis and artist Ada Zhang

The Sands Resort Macao organized a VIP dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo featuring the best of Macao

Guests entered the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo ballroom via a tunnel of Macao silks and cottons. This arrival experience was inspired by Macao’s winding streets and alleyways. In an instant we were transported across the seas.

While we walked through, we listened to a curated mix from Macao DJ Luis and a Japanese instrumentalist. This was a very cool jam session, by the way. Who would’ve thought that modern and classical could mix so nicely?

Numerous photo opportunities added a touch of art and whimsy. In other words, never a dull moment and stimulation for the senses everywhere. Very much like Macao and the Sands Resort complex itself.

Artist Ada Zhang demonstrates Chinese painting styles at the Sands Resort Macao dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Meanwhile, over cocktails, Macanese artist Ada Zhang created a charming painting in real-time combining the landmarks of Macao and Tokyo. By the time dinner was over, the painting was done and on display in the foyer.

Guests also tried traditional Dragon’s Beard Candy at the Yau Kei Candy Live Demonstration Station. Those who missed out on this Macao favorite had a second chance to do so on their way to dinner, as a man in traditional dress offered everyone samples on basket trays at the entrance. These had the texture of cotton candy, by the way, but with an Oriental flavor.

VIP Dinner with teamLab Effects

The Sands Resort Macao organized a VIP dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo featuring the best of Macao

Dinner was accompanied by an electrifying dance performance. ‘Welcome to Macao’ transported guests to the landmarks of Macao including the Ruins of St. Paul’s and Senado Square. ‘Bloom’,

Then, models strutted out in clothes designed by Macao fashion designer Nuno Lopes. To accompany this fashion show, teamLab showed a montage inspired by its latest artwork ‘Floating Flower Garden: Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One.’

The Londoner in Macao

The finale was called ‘Londoner Takeover’, inspired by the newest hotel of Sands Resort Macao. Over dinner, I spoke with the Sands Resort team about The Londoner. It seems that Sands Resort Global Ambassador David Beckham has an amazing suite here named after him. Apparently he actively took part in the design of the suite, putting football accents and even personal photos. These details make guests feel like they’re staying in David Beckham’s own home.

Unfortunately, the David Beckham suite is available only on a request basis so don’t look for it on or Expedia. I’m guessing it’s a special treat for high rollers and celebrities staging concerts in Macao. David Beckham himself reportedly comes to visit Macao several times a year and he stays in this suite, of course.

While we were discussing the David Beckham suite. British icons like the Scots Guards, Beefeaters and Bobbies performed to the sounds of The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’, This provided a nice ending to an evening of Macao in Tokyo. Now to book that ticket and get on a plane, with some money for the great shopping and the Michelin star dining.

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