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How to reach Asia’s wealthiest spenders

According to Mastercard’s 2019 Global Destination Cities Index (GDCI): Origins report, international travelers from mainland China, Republic of Korea, Japan and Taiwan account for 18.5% of global travel expenditure. 

This is a 7.5% increase from a decade ago, and shows the increasing impact of travelers from these countries (pre-Covid).

While the purchasing habits and experiences of these respective four countries may differ from one another, their approach towards overseas vacation, such as directly reviewing at overseas hotel and travel websites, discussing with family, exchanging notes with friends and colleagues, or in choosing their preferred destinations, are somewhat common traits.

Is your brand prominently represented in these markets?

For brands that rely on tourism or international travel, it’s necessary to appeal to these travellers’ tastes. It will be infinitely easier if local brands and businesses know the native languages that resonate with these travellers. Language becomes the precursor for positive communication and hence, a positive customer experience. 

Do you understand the peculiarities of these audiences?

The outbound travellers from China, South Korea, Japan or Taiwan tend to prefer new destinations – to discover something new, to experience and to indulge in something different.

Hence, this presents equal opportunities for global hotel and travel establishments to showcase their destinations. They can also introduce their properties or amenities. Or drive their interests towards a specific geography, such as: ‘local attractions’, ‘things to do’, ‘unique things to see’, ‘local food eats’, ‘walking trails’, or ‘historical sites.’ Regional itinerary packages are also possible.

IPPWorld is the best translator for your multilingual and multi-cultural business.

However, the most important question still remains: How can marketers gain more eyeballs and increase conversions to their content within these 4 countries?

Of course, there are many strategies that might work. But there’s one basic factor that will determine if your campaign makes or breaks in those markets.  To get these answers, read the full article at IPPWORLD Insights. 


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