An in-depth look at the hottest destinations in Taiwan


Taiwan continues to be one of the hottest destinations, particularly because of the no-visa policy for Philippine passport holders. General Manager Angelica Bayona shares her stories from her trip last August.

Photo courtesy of Leefoo Village Theme Park


On our first night, we tried the most famous stinky tofu at the Shilin Night Market. It was so good that we finished everything, never mind the smell. The next favorite I had was the Taiwanese fried chicken, a large portion of crispy chicken breast.

A few other must-taste includes: the pepper buns, the tokuyaki squid, and  the Taiwanese ice shaved. We continued our foodie journey at the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition, which was designed with the theme “Taiwan’s Fantasy of Flavors.”


After a lot of eating, it was time to do some fun activities in Taipei. Leefoo Village Theme Park is Taiwan’s first and only theme park that combines an African safari village amusement and water park that families and friends can enjoy.

In the African Safari Village, we had a chance to explore the beauty of wild animals by riding the steam train. With this, we had the chance to have a close encounter with animals like rhinoceros, giraffe, and lemur.

Photo courtesy of Leefoo Village Theme Park

While in the amusement park, the must-ride facilities include the log jump style wherein we rode a water slide that had a screaming corridor, as it is the first U-shaped suspension roller coaster in Asia.  There were still so many exciting rides that everyone can choose from!


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