The Loen Skylift in Norway. The best fjords of Norway.
The Loen Skylift in Norway. The best fjords of Norway.

What Scandinavia is doing right

Nordic countries have again topped the UN World Happiness Report listings for the world’s happiest countries, making us wonder again exactly what these countries are doing right, that others aren’t. Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden all top the happiness survey.


But perhaps it’s best to just visit these countries in Scandinavia and experience them up close and personal to see exactly what makes their people smile. Here are some travel suggestions for Norway, the 2nd happiest country in the world.

This is a good place to start discovering Scandinavia. You can see the fjords at their very best via Best Served Scandinavia’s Sognefjord, Nordfjord and Geirangerfjord itinerary, which takes in three of the Norway’s best destinations, as well as a ride on the new Loen Skylift which takes guests from sea level to 1011 meters to the summit of Mount Hoven – described as the roof of Norway.


Enjoy the incredible natural beauty of the fjords with plenty of time en route for hiking and bike rides. After a night in historic Bergen, with its colourful timber buildings and meandering alleyways, travel to Sogndal on a scenic cruise before turning inland along the mighty Sognefjord.

The journey continues through the Norway’s UNESCO listed scenery before arriving at Loen for a ride on the newly opened Loen Skylift. The spectacular Loen Skylift cable car climbs 1,000 metres to the summit of Mt. Hoven, offering truly dramatic views over glaciers and forested fjords.


Recommended accommodations in Loen are at the fjordside Hotel Alexandra with its superb spa, pools and massage rooms. Travel from Loen onto Geiranger – home to what is often considered the best of Norway’s fjords, with deep blue waters, lush green vegetation and clifftops etched with waterfalls — before making a stop for a final night in the art nouveau port town of AlesundBest Served Scandinavia