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Hiring the best private guide in Moscow

This post is about one of my visits to Russia, living a #Travelife, and about hiring the best private guide in Moscow. 
Hiring the best private guide in Moscow
Hiring the best private guide in Moscow
It was such a wonderful holiday in this beautiful city, staying at the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow and taking long walks all over the city when I wasn’t meeting up with friends. I was also able to see the city from a different angle with Olga, my private guide.


Hiring the best private guide in Moscow
Hiring the best private guide in Moscow
Living a Travelife but having quite a limited time, I wanted to see very specific attractions rather than just take your typical cookie-cutter tour of Russia.
I did not want to see the basics, but I wanted some specific wonderful experiences based on my readings and studies of Russian history and literature.


Hiring the best private guide in Moscow
Entrance to Red Square
So I booked Olga as my private guide for two days via Moscow Private Tours. I booked a tailor-made off-the-beaten track tour of Moscow that focused on things that interested me or that I wanted to see. And then I booked her for a second private tour of the Kremlin.
By the way, if like me, you are not a cookie cutter tourist, there are still certain basic things you must see. And these include the amazing Red Square and the Kremlin.


Hiring the best private guide in Moscow
Cathedral Square in the Kremlin
Inside the Kremlin, you must see Cathedral Square with its set of beautiful Russian churches, which are among the most beautiful I have ever seen. A private guide will be able to answer all your questions without having to think of the other people in the group.
You can also spend as much time as you wish in a certain place — and that’s what I like best.


Hiring the best private guide in Moscow
The church where the czars of Russia have been crowned
My favourite here is the church where Russian czars were once crowned, and I’ve spent hours looking at recreations of the crowning of Alexander II and Nicholas II in various museums around the world.
So it was such a special treat to be in this very place, and how wonderful that Olga had brought her iPad with a painting of the crowning as czar of Nicholas II so we could see exactly where everything happened.
My visit to Moscow ended, very appropriately, with an opera at the Bolshoi Theater just across from the Ararat Park Hyatt. What a beautiful sight the Historic Theater was.

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