Ramla Beach, Gozo / photo by Nick Bugeja

The most colorful beaches in the world

To celebrate International Colour Day last March 21, lastminute.com chose their top 10 picks for the title of the most colorful beaches in the world. From the red beaches in Malta, to the black sands of La Palma, the pink shores of the Bahamas and the glittery seas of the Maldives, these picture perfect postcard destinations are sure to brighten up any Instagram feed.

Pfeiffer Beach

Ramla Bay, Malta

The reddish-golden sandy beach of The Ramla Bay in the north of the island of Gozo, combined with the luscious green landscapes offers a beautiful display of colours. The Ramla Bay is a historical place, where Roman ruins are buried in the sand, as well as the “Cave of the Kalypso”, which lies on the western part of Ramla Bay.

Ramla Beach, Gozo / photo by Nick Bugeja

The Maldives

After the sunset, the beautiful beaches of Mudhoo, Vaadhoo and Rangali in the Maldives light up into glittering beaches. A chemical reaction between the phytoplankton, the microorganisms in the sea, and the oxygen from the waves, creates a natural shimmer on the shores of Maldives.

Maldives / photo by Anze Lazio (Maldives Tourism Board)

Pink Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

The Harbour Island in the Bahamas is known for its Pink Sand Beach, located on the eastern side of the island. It’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The pink colour of the sand comes from microscopic coral insects, the foraminifera, which have a light pink/red shell give the beach its unusual colour.

Pink Sands Beach / Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Puerto Naos, La Palma, Spain

The Puerto Naos is located on the West coast of La Palma, Canary Islands, and is the longest beach at 600 meters. Due to the volcanic origin of La Palma, the Puerto Noas boasts of beautiful black lava sand as well as a glimmer of green from olive dust.

Puerta Naos, La Palma / photo by Ingrid Kranz

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

The Whitehaven Beach is part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park, an archipelago in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. The gorgeous white sand, made up of 99% quartz, next to the clear blue water and beautiful green hills offer a stunning array of colours for holiday goers.

Whithaven Beach / photo by Tourism Australia

Shell Beach, Australia

The Shell Beach, in the UNESCO World Heritage Shark Bay, lies along 60 kilometers of coastlines which consists entirely of shells. It is one of only two shell beaches in the world. Millions of small shells and the deep blue sea make this beach so special for all those who visit.

Shell Beach / photo by Tourism Western Australia

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii is the island of volcanoes which results in dramatic deep red and black shorelines. Red Sand Beach is a dramatic and beautiful hidden cove unlike any other. The ocean outside the cove is almost always a deep, almost surreal Kool-Aid blue, and rages relentlessly against the dramatic and rugged coastline. The crescent-shaped beach is cut deep into the Ka’uiki Head cinder cone, whose rust-red lava cinder cliffs supply the beach with its red sand. These cliffs of loose crumbly cinders tower almost vertically, yet somehow remain intact to impressive heights.

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii / photo by Hawaii Tourism Authority

Anse Lazio, Seychelles

Anse Lazio is located in the north of the island of Praslin, the second largest island of the inner Seychelles. The beach is particularly known for its combination of turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and red granite cliffs that spread across the sandy beach. It also famously served as a backdrop for the Bacardi Advertisement.

Anse Lazio, Seychelles / photo by Seychelles Tourism Board

Red Beach, Santorini, Greece

The stunning red cliff rising directly behind the beach and the fine black-red gravel make the Red Beach on the island of Santorini one of the most extraordinary beaches in the world. Located 11 kilometers south of Fira and within easy walking distance of the neighbouring bay of Akrotiri, this beach is a must-see when visiting Santorini.

Rozaki Beach, Greece / photo by GNTOD

Pfeiffer Beach, California

For those who love sunsets, the Pfeiffer Beach shimmers in a pale violet as the last rays of sunlight of the day light up the crystals in the sand. As the beach is not signposted on Highway 1, observers are offered the chance to view this natural spectacle without a crowd.

Pfeiffer Beach / photo by Shutterstock