Final menu for the Travelife Magazine dinner for 30 guests, to say farewell to two ambassadors

If you’re attending the farewell dinner Travelife Magazine is hosting in honor of two well-loved ambassadors this week, this is what you’ll be having. Come hungry.

Liver adobo pate and Mango brule 
with Aubergine crisp 

Tuna Kinilaw with ginger mayonnaise 

Chicken inasal shawarma with cilantro glaze 

served with

Pan de sal and monay 
Honey and peppercorn, roasted pimiento, and parsley butter 

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Salted fish salad with calamansi vinaigrette 

Main Entrees 
Salmon pochero falafel and bok choy 


Lamb Caldereta with mint jelly
Roasted potatoes and carrots 
Chicken Pochero
Bok Choy

& mushroom and tofu caldereta 

Roasted potatoes, broccoli, and carrots 
Banana Cue and cashew streudel
with peach and coco syrup
and vanilla ice cream 
Petit Four 
Goat’s cheese turon 
with truffle honey 

Shiitake turon 
with truffle honey 
Coffee & Tea
Kapeng Barako and Salabat