A Filipino fusion farewell dinner for two ambassadors, with singing waiters and 30 guests

Tonight was an enjoyable and eclectic sort of evening, in Manila, living a never-ending Travelife.

I hosted a farewell dinner for two ambassadors — the ambassadors of Israel and South Africa —  and we had a total of 30 guests.

And, as all these 30 guests are quite used to attending such dinners, I wanted to make my own dinner quite memorable and interesting.

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So we had an eight-course Filipino fusion dinner prepared by chef Richmond Timbol, a young and talented chef with quite a remarkable career background. He created such normally unpairable things as salmon with pochero, and tuyo with salad greens.

Everything worked out so well, though, and my guests all raved about the food.

Then we arranged for dancing waiters, just because I wanted to lighten up a dinner that included a total of seven ambassadors. They danced to music by VST & Co., which made everyone smile.


I also tried to put personal touches here and there, just to make this unlike most other dinners.

My amazing and hardworking Travelife team put together a video of photos of the two ambassadors during their time in the Philippines.

So we were all able to see the highlights of their stay.

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Then, in honor of the Ambassador of South Africa, we served delicious South African wines from my friend Ralph Joseph’s wine shop, from the Lazy Days line.

Lazy Days Shiraz
Lazy Days Chenin Blanc
Lazy Days Rose

The flowers and the vases being readied earlier today

In honor of the Ambassador of Israel, I brought out for decor my set of “magic” flower vases, which I bought at the Israel Museum of Art in Tel Aviv, on my last visit to Israel.

These vases are really cutting edge, and they never fail to surprise people.


At the end, one ambassador said to me: “I thought this would be just another nice dinner. I never expected tonight to turn out like this.

That made me so happy, on one of my four evenings in Manila, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife. 

And tomorrow I’m off to Paris for summer holidays and some fun in the sun (and in the summer sales)…

Dinner in honor of 
the Ambassadors of Israel & South Africa
*    *    *
Liver adobo pate and Mango brule 
with Aubergine crisp 

Tuna Kinilaw with ginger mayonnaise 

Chicken inasal shawarma with cilantro glaze 
served with
Pan de sal and monay 
Honey and peppercorn, roasted pimiento, and parsley butter 

Salted fish salad with calamansi vinaigrette 

Main Entrees 
Salmon pochero falafel and bok choy 


Lamb Caldereta with mint jelly
Roasted potatoes and carrots 
Chicken Pochero Falafel
Bok Choy & mushroom and tofu caldereta 
Roasted potatoes, broccoli, and carrots 

Banana Cue and cashew streudel
with peach and coco syrup
and vanilla ice cream 
Petit Four 
Goat’s cheese turon 
with truffle honey 

Shiitake turon 
with truffle honey 
Coffee & Tea
Kapeng Barako and Salabat