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Arriving in Debrecen, the second largest city of Hungary, we headed straight for lunch at Ikon, the best restaurant. We had driven over from the wine town of Tokaj, about 90 minutes away. Upon entering Debrecen, my companion asked me: “Where shall we have lunch?”


Ikon is the best restaurant in Debrecen in Hungary

“I want to eat at Icon,” I said. Ikon is the best restaurant in Debrecen and it was also chosen one of the top restaurants in Hungary outside Budapest.

My companion smiled at me and said: “Why do you always want to eat only in the best?”


Ikon is the best restaurant in Debrecen in Hungary

Easy answer. If I’m going to have a 5000 calorie lunch, it had better be good. In fact, it had better be the absolute best. 5000 calories is about two days on the rowing machine in the gym, after all. 

We were not disappointed at all. Icon is located along the main avenue of the city, along a wide promenade lined with trees.

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Diners immediately get a different vibe upon arrival. It’s relaxed but stylish, and there is both indoor and outdoor seating.

As it was such a fine day, we chose a table outside so we could eat and people watch at the same time.


We had the special Debrecen sausages to start. These are large and spicy sausages with a lot of fat, so that these are oozing with oil when served. In fact, as you cut the sausage, you’ll find oil splattering around.

Then we ordered sauteed foie gras, which is a traditional Hungarian favorite dish. The chef plated this very stylishly. We washed this down with many glasses of Tokaj Aszu wine, which is really one of my favourite wines. Restaurant usually recommend the Tokaj Aszu with dessert as it’s quite sweet, but I also like it with foie gras.

Ikon is the best restaurant in Debrecen in Hungary

For the main course, I had the best veal cheeks that I have ever had. It came with some traditional Hungarian pasta tossed with local cheese


For dessert, I ordered a deconstructed version of the famous Debrecen cake. The restaurant chef created a truly original dessert that still had the traditional ingredients of the Debrecen cake: gingerbread, white chocolate and cream. I practically licked my plate clean because dessert was so delicious.

This is my second summer in Hungary and I am so enjoying it. Go before the rest of the world discovers it.  Read more about this beautiful country in Travelife Magazine.