Best of a TRAVELIFE 2014: A wonderful salad dinner at the Four Seasons Marrakech last June

At the Four Seasons Marrakech 
In Morocco for just under two weeks last June, living a Travelife, one of the lovely places we stayed at was the Four Seasons Marrakech, our home away from home for three nights.

This is such a lovely oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Marrrakech, and yet so close to it. We loved it.

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I especially loved the spa which had a beautiful hamman and all the facilities for beauty and wellness.

It was just across the gardens, and it had the most wonderful R&R environment. 


On our first night, the Travel Companion and I had dinner at the Moroccan restaurant of the hotel, as we arrived quite late after a day of driving from the old city of Fes.

The drive took the whole day, as we left Fes after a leisurely breakfast at the Palais Amani, and then stopped at the fashionable Le Cabestan in Casablanca for lunch.

At the Four Seasons Marrakech, we sat outside by the fountains because it was such a wonderful evening. Actually it was our first cool evening in Morocco, and it was really nice.

We felt very relaxed.

And this was where we had some of the most delicious Moroccan salads so far on the trip.


What a treat this was, especially as we are both so into salads and healthy food in general.

So I’m posting photos of the culinary delights we sampled while we were there.

And afterwards, we walked around the property on such a lovely evening, exploring the resort and taking a million photos.

It’s massive and lovely, so it was perfect for some after dinner exercise. We walked by the pools and the Italian restaurant, and checked out the gym and the boutique.

Needless to say, I wanted to take all the interiors home because every corner was a nice picture of prettiness. Moroccan design really grows on you.


Stepping out for dinner on another evening
at the Four Seasons Marrakech
in another little black dress

There was also a really nice little black dress created by a Moroccan designer, that was for sale in the Four Seasons boutique.

I tried it on and it fit so perfectly that I was so tempted to take the credit card out there and then. But when I asked the Travel Companion for his opinion, he just shrugged and answered: “It looks like all your other dresses.


“Best trip ever.”

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That certainly put a damper on my buying enthusiasm. But I couldn’t get this dress out of my mind for five months. So last month, back in Morocco with Travelife Magazine readers and friends, I visited the boutique of the Four Seasons Marrakech, hoping to finally get that dress.

The sales lady remembered me very well. She said, “That dress looked perfect on you!

Unfortunately, it was gone by the time I visited again last month, back in Morocco, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.