The two most coveted restaurant reservations in the world. And about two meals at Noma in Tokyo.

At a delicious dinner somewhere in the world
last October, living a Travelife

Wow. Even in a never-endingly eventful and delicious Travelife, I didn’t think this day would come. I just got confirmed bookings for two restaurants that are considered the hardest to book in the world.

No kidding.

Actually, I have to make a correction.


One restaurant I ate in last October in Tokyo is considered the best in the city, and I really had a fantastic meal here. This is probably the hardest restaurant to book in the world.

For one thing, it’s impossible to book if you don’t know the chef well enough to have his mobile number as all reservations are directly to his mobile and he doesn’t advertise or give business cards.

So I took this restaurant out of the running because most people will never be able to book it under ordinary circumstances.

On sale from this weekend. Scroll down to read more…


Among restaurants that foodies can actually book, albeit with great difficulty, I’ve just booked the top two most coveted restaurants by serious foodies for two days in a row.

One of them is, of course, Noma’s pop-up restaurant in Tokyo.

Noma from Copenhagen, recognised as the best restaurant in the world, is closing shop completely in Denmark for six weeks or so, to re-open in Tokyo for this period, early in 2015.


Every serious foodie in the world has fallen over themselves to try and get a booking. It wasn’t impossible but it was pretty difficult for most, and Noma in Tokyo is now completely booked for this six-week period.

In fact, people who got reservations all had to pay in advance or lose their seats.


in real-time via your phone or iPad




People are flying in from all over the world for this because Noma is #1 and Tokyo is the world’s food capital right now.

This combination is just too mesmerising to resist, as this is the first time Noma is leaving its comfort zone en masse to set up a Noma elsewhere.

And the Japan market is perhaps the most exciting and most challenging foodie market in the world.


I actually have two reservations for Noma, and two people are nice enough to take me.

Then I have this reservation finally confirmed for another restaurant. These are just about the hardest two seats to book at a restaurant anywhere in the world.

Noma is hard to book, but at least you have a chance with the numbers because there are several tables up for grabs for each seating.


For this other restaurant, there’s only a handful of seats and no one usually answers the phone. It’s perpetually full and you actually need an introduction from an existing good customer to even stand a chance at a reservation.

They don’t entertain strangers and they don’t like publicity, so I can never mention the restaurant’s name on this blog or write about my meal in detail.

However, if you’re a serious foodie, you’ll probably know which one I mean. 


“Best trip ever.”

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Finally I got a confirmed booking, although not for the first date I wanted.

Nevertheless, it’s in my general time frame for a trip, so I’m going to rearrange my life tomorrow to make it for this most coveted restaurant reservation in the world.

It’s a reservation for two, as well, so I have to decide who among my truly serious foodie friends somewhere in the world to ask along for probably one of the most amazing meals in my never-ending, and never-endingly delicious Travelife.


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