A private villa in the Greater Sahara desert of Morocco, past Ouarzazate

Good afternoon from the desert of Morocco, living a #Travelife.

I can’t believe I’m back here again after 15 months, but here I am in this very same middle-of-nowhere. And I’m so glad I decided to return as I discovered so many more places to see, things to do and even restaurants to visit on this trip to the desert the second time around.


I was here on holiday last June and I loved where we stayed, in Morocco, living a #Travelife. It was a truly amazing destination hotel.

But it was such a quick trip that we missed out on so much.

What an amazing ride through the Moroccan desert
and the giant oasis of Skoura

And now I got to do a lot of those things this time around, including actually climbing to the very top of the amazing Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou and going quad-biking in the desert.

And while I was quad-biking through the desert, by the way, all I could think about was how amazingly beautiful and varied the world truly is when you’re living a #Travelife. No kidding.


This time, too, instead of staying at that destination hotel in Skoura, I decided to book an entire villa right by a lake with the mountains of the desert in front of us.

The villa is so charming in an eclectic and stylish way, and it’s got one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen in a while — and that says a lot — especially from our blue-and-white-tiled pool. And it’s just us and our WiFi as far as the eye can see.

We have it all to ourselves, and isn’t this just so fun.


Yesterday, the guys went for a dip before dinner and the girls all did their own thing. As for me, I sat in the lounge chair in the garden with my iPad, watching the guys and thinking about how wonderful life is.

Everything is perfect and lovely here in the Sahara. This is all for now as it’s last-minute shopping time before heading back to Marrakech tomorrow….