Photos from Meknes and Casablanca, living a #Travelife

Good afternoon from the highway, on the road to Marrakech, living a #Travelife.
It’s been hectic but fun, although we’ve never truly had enough time for everything we’ve wanted to do, traversing long distances in quite a short amount of time.

We just spent three all too short days in Fes, where our group took over two beautiful riads and literally had a party. Someone celebrated her birthday in Fes and we had rounds of drinks and an all-night talking session on the rooftop, discussing Travel and Life. 
Lats night, we did a quick stop in Casablanca just to break the trip, and headed for dinner at one of the city’s most stylish restaurants. 
The food was good but the atmosphere was even better, full of fashionable dressed locals parking their fancy cars and sauntering over to this restaurant by the sea.
And now, we’re just about to enter Marrakech for four days of good food and lots of shopping, living and loving a never-ending #Travelife.