Visiting a Viking settlement near Malmo, Sweden

Travelife Magazine Publisher Christine Cunanan

A Viking settlement near Malmo,

One fine summer day in Copenhagen with a group of Travelife Magazine readers and friends, we boarded a van after a hearty Scandinavian breakfast of cold cuts and bread, to drive across the Oresund Bridge that separates Denmark and Sweden, for a daytrip to Sweden. This included visiting a Viking settlement near Malmo, Sweden.

We were really headed to Malmo, which recently has become the city of cool in Sweden, to see the HSB Turning Torso, a residential skyscraper designed by Santiago Calatrava, the ancient town square and to visit the indie designer boutiques.

A Viking settlement near Malmo,

On our way, just as we had entered Sweden, our guide suddenly asked us, “Would you like to see a Viking settlement before heading for Malmo?

Of course we did. So we made a short detour to a place by the sea in Sweden with the remnants of a Viking settlement and a museum to discuss in further detail the life of the Vikings. What a fun activity this was, visiting a Viking settlement near Malmo, Sweden.


A Viking settlement near Malmo,

Just our luck, there had been a Viking festival on the grounds over the weekend and there were still lots of people milling about in Viking clothes, camping on the grounds in true Viking style.

I couldn’t figure out whether they were just regular Swedes having fun playing Vikings for a weekend or people with actual Viking lineage who were reliving their history. Our guide, by the way, told us he had recently retraced his roots back all the way to the Vikings.

A Viking settlement near Malmo,


Of course, everyone in Scandinavia is probably related to the Vikings in one way or another, but there are really also people in Scandinavia with real documented links to the Vikings.

Either way, it was very interesting to see pretty big-boned women cooking meals in what looked like a Viking-style kitchen (and I don’t mean the Viking brand here), and men in warrior outfits milling around large tents set up on the ground.

A Viking settlement near Malmo, Sweden

All the walking about made me hungry, however, visiting a Viking settlement near Malmo, Sweden.

So the minute we got back to civilisation, which was the pretty university town of Lund nearby, everyone headed to see the church while I went to look for a proper Swedish cafe.

I found a cafe in Lund on a side street which looked old-fashioned enough to have traditional food, and yet also stylish enough to have delicious food, and I was in the mood for an authentic Swedish open-faced sandwich. 

A Viking settlement near Malmo, Sweden

Thankfully they had lots of these.

So I bought a Swedish open-faced sandwich with shredded crab and boiled shrimp topped with pickles and mayonnaise, and then sat outside on one of the tables in the sunshine, Scandinavian-style, living a never-endingly eventful #Travelife. But not before taking a photo of my sandwich on one of the tables inside.