The 5 best beaches in Adelaide, Australia

The 5 best beaches in Adelaide, Australia are marvelous, and amazingly near the Adelaide CBD. In fact, one of our favourite things about Adelaide’s metropolitan beaches is the fact that the beaches are so accessible.

Semaphore Beach, Adelaide, Australia


Feeling drained after a day at work? Jump in the car, chuck on your swim suit and within the hour you can be sprawled on a towel in the sun at Semaphore or perfecting your freestyle at Moana. With so many options so close to the city, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. But fear not. Here are our 5 best beaches in Adelaide.


Glenelg Beach, Adelaide, Australia

Family-friendly Glenelg is the most popular metropolitan beach in Adelaide. It’s also the easiest to access. Just hop on the tram from the city and get off at Moseley Square, just metres away from the water at Glenelg. Once you’ve gone for a dip and strolled down the jetty, grab a bite to eat. After lunch, take a walk around the picturesque Holdfast Shores or give your credit card a workout at one (or more) of Glenelg’s trendy boutiques. Jetty Road is a bustling mix of cafés, clothing boutiques and restaurants. No trip to the beach is complete without an ice-cream or gelato, by the way, and you’ll find plenty of ice cream opportunities at Glenelg.


Brighton Beach, Adelaide, Australia

Jump back into the car for ten minutes and you’ll be at Brighton. Mirroring Glenelg with its own Jetty Road, Brighton has a similar relaxed vibe with eclectic cafés, restaurants and fish and chip shops aplenty. While still very popular in the summer months, Brighton beach is generally less crowded than Glenelg.


Henley Beach, Adelaide, Australia

Surrounded by a range of good seafood restaurants and centering around a bustling grassed square, the beach of Henley is a must-visit whether you’re after a quality dinner, a quality swim, or a bit of both. The shoreline of Henley stretches as far as the eye can see, with plenty of space for laying out your towel or taking a dip.


Semaphore Beach, Adelaide, Australia

A trip to Semaphore is a trip back in time. The Semaphore beach is long, wide and bordered by sand dunes; however Semaphore’s main drawcard is its history. Its expansive foreshore and boulevard are dotted with beautifully preserved Art Deco buildings. Nothing quite compares to the grandeur of the Palais, which was originally a 1920s bathing pavilion. Now the Palais in Semaphore is a great place to grab a pub-style lunch or enjoy a glass of wine.

Nearby stands Semaphore’s iconic Time Ball Tower, as well as a waterslide complex for the kids, a ferris wheel and  a gorgeous 1920s carousel,  the oldest carousel in Australia. Semaphore Road, just metres away, is bordered by historic pubs, restaurants, interesting boutiques and a treasure-trove of shops.


Port Noarlunga, Christies Beach and Moana are a bit further away from Adelaide, but well-worth the trip. Port Noarlunga’s huge shore, crystal clear waters and towering red sandstone cliffs assure you that you’ve left the city of Adelaide behind.

The three beaches are surfing and body boarding hotspots, but still perfect for families as swells rarely get too rough. With plenty of room on the beach, you’ll never have to worry about overcrowding. Just rock up and hit the water. Take your snorkelling gear to Port Noarlunga. The long boardwalk of Port Noarlunga leads to a reef that’s popular all year-round.

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