Solving a murder mystery on the British Pullman

Last month in England, living a #Travelife, we rode the British Pullman for a murder mystery adventure.

The train itself is beautiful and this alone is enough reason to ride it at least once, if you’re a history buff. Each carriage has a history and a pedigree.

Our carriage had carried Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip across England, at some point in time.

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother had also ridden this very carriage.

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This train experience is operated by the Belmond group, which used to be known as the Orient Express group.

They have in their stable a collection of unique properties all over the world, including hotels, trains and boats. I’ve stayed in many of their properties and I especially like the historical ones that are quite unlike most other hotels in the world.

Then there’s the wonderful experience of having a gourmet five-course meal onboard as you rumble through the beautiful English countryside.

Especially in early summer, when England is at its most beautiful, this is truly special.


And finally there’s all the fun of having to solve a murder mystery onboard.

It’s like being in a theater with audience participation, only this show is five hours long and you get to have something good to eat and lots of champagne at the same time.

I can’t complain about the very comfortable plush velvet armchairs either. What a beautiful train this is.


And for this trip, we took a private carriage so that we had the murder mystery characters all to ourselves.

Each character comes by to give passengers a blow-by-blow account of what happened,  you see, as well as to tell you what they think happened, and who they believe did it.

You can ask questions and discuss the case with them, so you become very involved. And all in all it was a wonderful day and a very special experience in England, living a #Travelife.

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