Safety tips for solo travelers

Safety Tips for Women Travelers

Studies have shown that the number of women booking solo travel trips has doubled following the coronavirus pandemic. While it can be a freeing experience, travelling alone as a woman can be dangerous if you’re not careful. 

With this in mind, shares how women can stay safe while travelling alone this summer. 

1. Carry your accommodation address with you at all times

It’s best to be prepared for any uncertainties that may arise while travelling alone. Many rely on their phone for important information nowadays, but what if your phone dies when you are exploring and your accommodation details are on it? Bringa card that provides details of and directions to your accommodation so you can return safely. This is particularly helpful in countries where your language isn’t commonly spoken. 

2. Share location with loved ones and utilise solo travel apps 

By sharing your GPS location with loved ones whilst you are away, they can easily keep track of your whereabouts to ensure you are safe. You can set this up via platforms such as Google Maps, iMessage and Facebook Messenger

Solo travel apps, such as are also a very useful way of getting around new places easily. It suggests places to eat, visit and even avoid depending on the area you are in. 

3. Fake it till’ you make it

It is very important to make sure nobody you meet while travelling knows that you are alone. Whenever you meet someone new, pretend that you are meeting up with a friend in a few hours or that you have someone staying with you. 

A useful tip is to buy a pair of men’s shoes and leave them outside of your door, especially if staying in rented accommodation -this tricks people into thinking that there will be someone with you at all times and may deter any incidents from occurring. 

4. Perfect that grimace!

Being too polite and friendly to strangers makes us more of a target for pickpockets and other criminals. Instead, practise looking ‘mean’. This should deter people from taking your kindness as a weakness. 

It is also important to try and blend in as much as possible with locals. Struggling to find your way around? Try to keep calm and don’t highlight that you are lost.

5. Spend extra money on staying safe

Spending a little more than expected to guarantee safety is very important. For example, if it costs more to fly to your chosen destination during the day rather than at night, pay it. Consider investing in a transfer that will drop you off at your accommodation too, rather than at the centre of the city. 

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