Breakfast at the Palais Amani in Fes and lunch at Le Bistrot in Meknes

In Meknes today, living a Travelife

Today in Morocco, living a Travelife, we had a leisurely breakfast of pancakes and omelettes at the lovely Palais Amani in Fes.

Everyone loved this hotel, which is understated and stylish, but also cozy and full of warmth.

I loved my suite on this trip, which was different from the one I stayed in last June. Both suites were beautiful, but this one, with its three rooms overlooking the garden, was truly special.

I didn’t want to leave this peaceful place, with lots of happy memories.

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But another city was calling, and so I reluctantly packed up — but not before throwing all the windows open to get in some of that fresh air from the Mid Atlas Mountains and putting on some of my favourite music while putting everything into my suitcase.

What I was listening to this morning in Fes:

Lost Stars
by Adam Levine

Let it Flow
by Toni Braxton

Tiger in the Rain
by Michael Franks


But then it was time to head to a very nice lunch in the old imperial city of Meknes, at a restaurant that the Travel Companion and I discovered entirely by accident on our holiday in June.

We’d asked our driver to take us to the best restaurant in the city and he’d taken us to Le Bistrot, an entirely different restaurant, by mistake.


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Fortunately it had good food, and so I took everyone there today as well.

We had salad nicoise to start and a papillote of fish as a main course. For dessert, everyone chose between the lemon tart, the chocolate fondant or the creme brûlée.


It was nice to see Chef Philippe still at helm, and still as lively as ever.

I don’t think he gets too many Asians as customers because he still remembered me from our lunch in June, and even pointed out where the Travel Companion and I had sat.


I literally retraced my steps in Fes and Meknes, including stores I’d been to, hotels I’d stayed at, and restaurants I’d liked.

Frankly, I didn’t expect to enjoy myself so much, having just done this same trip five months ago.

But it’s been a truly wonderful and happy trip, and I am so glad to be in beautiful Morocco, which I’ve come to appreciate way more on this particular trip.

How lucky I am, to have a second chance at a wonderful Travelife to Morocco. And perhaps a third chance and fourth chance next year as well.

If you were thinking of joining us on this Travelife to Morocco, and you didn’t, I have to say that you missed a truly special trip — even for someone like me on a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.