Work experiences in Sweden


Sweden is now encouraging workers to trade their current remote work setup for a more inviting option. They are promoting the workcation as a way of easing stress. Employees can be close to nature in comfortable accommodations and they won’t be compromising on work effectivity either. Their new workplaces will have good online connectivity.

The benefits of working in nature are undeniable. A recent case study showed that the wellbeing of employees increases by being away from urban life. 22% of participants felt less depressed and more calm and happy when they were working and living close to nature. Now the Swedish government hopes to further boost workers’ mental health, especially now when remote is working increasingly taking a toll on many people’s wellbeing.


Swedish researchers have discovered the many benefits of working in nature. Participants in a study experienced less stress and better sleep.

Swedish researchers investigated the benefits of the new popular workation travel trend which combines work with a vacation. Traveling less often and staying longer in one place reduces the negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, a workation provides a sustainable alternative for people growing tired of working remotely from their home.

Swedish and International reseach has shown that exposure to a natural environment is beneficial for our health in many ways. The study, which was conducted in cooperation with researchers from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet, did a case study over two weeks.

This case study included five people who were monitored when working from their usual home office for one week. Then they were monitored at an accommodation close to nature, just outside the capital of Stockholm for another week.


Benefits of working in nature

The study showed clearly the benefits of working in nature. Mental health and wellbeing increased by 22%. Participants felt less depressed. In fact, the stress they perceived decreased by 48% after the week spent in nature. In addition, sleep quality also improved. The participants fell asleep 51% faster. They experienced longer and better quality of sleep when they were working from their nature offices.  


The new Out Of Office Offices include some of the best workation accommodation options across Sweden. They are spread across the country and are all unique in their own way. Whether these offices are located in the archipelago or in the forest, they are all close to nature. These offices offer beautiful scenery for calm and creative days while also being fully equipped to suit a work-from-home lifestyle.

“This last year has accelerated the development of workation travels,” said Nils Persson, Chief Officer, Marketing and Communications at Visit Sweden. He added: “We think that this is a travel trend that is perfectly suited for the time we are living in at the moment.”


Benefits of working in nature
  • Study participants felt mentally better working in nature during the experiment period than during the working week before.
  • The perceived stress of participants decreased by 48% while cognitive stress decreased by 50%.
  • The wellbeing of participants also increased by 22%. They felt less depressed and more calm, harmonious and happy.
  • Overall vitality increased by 27%. Participants felt more alert, energetic and strong.
  • Participants fell asleep 51% faster and each sleep bout lasted in average 23% longer.
  • Significant decrease of depressive symptoms (such as inertia, general concern and lack of interest) by 44%.

Photo credits: Tina Stafrén / Visit Sweden