A very touching surprise party for me at Chiva Som in Thailand

Chiva-Som organized a party just for me today,
for being a loyal guest for about 15 years.

The other day, at the Chiva Som International Health Resort in Thailand, living a Travelife, I was asked to go to the library at 2 PM for a get-together.

I was told there would be a thank you event for me, for being such a regular client of Chiva Som over the years.

I’ve been going for 15 years, way before Chiva Som became famous worldwide for being the best health spa in the world, although I’ve not gone as much as I would have wished.

Still, I tried to find pockets of time here and there, as I figured that some times are better than no times at all.

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And the other day, Chiva Som organised this party just for me. It was very touching.

Many luxury travel-related companies organise loyalty events for their regular clients.


Silversea, for instance, which is the top cruise company in the small-cruise ship category, also organises a cocktail party, called the Venetian Society cocktail party, for all its regular or repeat clients on the ship for that particular cruise.

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This is the only cruise line I’ll take on a private holiday, by the way, and so I’ve clocked up a respectable number of days on Silversea –– or at least, enough to get unlimited free laundry.

Then I meet all these other cruisers at the party who have done something like a cumulative total of 2000 or 3000 days onboard Silversea — no, this is not a typo — and that really goes to show how far I still have to go.


As for Chiva-Som, they simply asked me to be at the library at 2 PM for a loyalty party.

I thought this was going to be a party with other guests, but it turned out that I was the guest of honour and the whole lovely party was just for me.

The delicious chocolate cake even had my name on it.

I also got a lovely present from them, of an aroma oil burner.

This way I can take home a little bit of Chiva Som with me when I leave Thailand, on just another wonderful adventure in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.