A little black dress from a Casablanca designer, on sale at the Four Seasons Marrakech

Good evening from exotic Marrakech, on an early autumn evening, living a Travelife.

I’m typing this out from the verandah of my suite with a view of the Koutubia in front of me, and I have all the windows open to let the cool breeze of the Atlas Mountains in.

Some of our Travelife Magazine readers and friends
at the Four Seasons Marrakech

I also have my music playing pretty loudly — hope my neighbours don’t mind.

I’m listening to “Back in Love” by Pauline Wilson and No One Else Like You by Adam Levine, as I type this out and take a short breather before dressing for dinner.


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Don’t ask me why. I just felt like hearing this suddenly, and it started playing in my head as I walked to my suite.

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Today was shopping day in Marrakech. 

It was really enjoyable. In fact, this entire Morocco trip has been very nice, and I have to say I love Morocco even more this time around, for some reason.

Trying on a dress at the boutique of the
Four Seasons Marrakech

And just now, I passed by the boutique of the Four Seasons Marrakech to see a beautiful black dress that had been on sale there last June.

It was made by a famous fashion designer from Casablanca.

Beautiful Moroccan bookmarks
at the Four Seasons Marrakech

That was five months ago, when I’d seen that dress at the boutique, on my stay at the Four Seasons Marrakech. That’s quite awhile back, but would you believe the sales lady still remembered me trying on that dress?

I walked into the boutique today and said I’d seen a beautiful black cocktail dress there that I regret not buying it.

I loved this.
But I’m all shopped out at the moment.
Absolutely no space left.


She knew exactly which dress I meant and in a minute she even showed me a photo on her phone.

She also said: “I remember you very well. You’d tried on that dress and it had been perfect on you.

Yes, I’d loved it and it had been perfect on me.



But I was with the Travel Companion on that trip, and when I tried it on and asked him for his opinion, he’d simply shrugged and said: “It looks like all your other dresses.

That certainly put a damper on a possible retail experience. That and the slightly hefty price tag.


But today I wanted to buy it, maybe as a Christmas gift to myself. Unfortunately it had just been sold very recently.

This dress and I were just not meant to be. 

Some things are just fate, or not, even in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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November 2014
“Delicious is an understatement on this trip.
Everything is a feast for the senses.”

“This trip has exceeded all my expectations.”

“This hit all the right points.”

“5 stars for the food.”

“I’m so glad I joined this trip.”

“I didn’t know what to expect.
But now I love Morocco.
What a destination.”