A day of sightseeing and shopping in Meknes, and an afternoon in Volubilis, Morocco

Today in Morocco, living a Travelife, we spent most of the day in the ancient city of Meknes.

With a very nice Berber lady as a guide, we explored the sights of the town and then ended up in a crafts shop where we looked at kilim rugs.


Here I ended up buying an antique silver incense burner.

I don’t really have a place in mind for it at all, and I certainly don’t need it as I already have so many similar things from other trips to equally exotic places.

But I guess I just wanted something to remind me of this trip to Morocco.


We also had a very nice lunch at a semi-French restaurant that we ended up in entirely by accident. We’d asked our guide to take us to some fancy place we saw in a book of Morocco’s best restaurants, and he ended up taking us somewhere else entirely different.

The chef and all the waiters were very nice, so we decided to stay. Fortunately, the food was good.

Then in the afternoon, we walked through the ruins of Volubilis, an ancient Roman town, with an excellent guide who made the ruins come alive for us.

All in all, a pretty full and exhausting day in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.