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5 Reasons to Go Glamping This Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to go glamping. It’s that time of the year when the good weather hits and the sun lights up everyone’s faces. However, it also brings a few qualms about how and where we can spend our time off.

What if booking a hotel room and going to the same touristic places is something you are not considering? Maybe you and your group hanker for a different kind of vacation, a unique getaway, or an unforgettable experience.

In this case, glamping is the perfect plan for an authentic autumn holiday, and here are five reasons why.

Enchanting Luxury Tents in the Agafay Desert, Morocco - Glamping Hub
Enchanting Luxury Tents in the Agafay Desert, Morocco

Comfort and luxury in the great outdoors

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Glamping in the wilderness

Glamping is all about glam and chic camping in nature, that means you get the best of the great outdoors without all the inconveniences. With amenities and decorations similar to those found in a five-star hotel, these unique accommodations are great alternatives to traditional campouts.

Why not opt for a cabin with a hot tub or a rental with an outdoor shower? Just because you are out in the wild, doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself. 

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Unique accommodations in unique locations

Quirky 1972 Vintage Airstream Rental with a Fireplace Just Outside of Dallas, Texas - Glamping Hub
Quirky 1972 Vintage Airstream Rental with a Fireplace Just Outside of Dallas, Texas

From yurts and treehouses to airstreams and castles, glamping can’t get more authentic.

These accommodations are located in the most beautiful sceneries: national parks, private islands, or secluded oasis are part of the plethora of settings where you can relish the spirit of the wild in style. 

Fresh air and cool nights

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The idea of getting away from the hot heated cities, taking in a deep breath of fresh mountain air or enjoying the cool ocean breeze is more than appealing.

Since glamping is all about comfort, you can be sure you’ll stay fresh indoors and you will thank the coolness of the night. What’s more, you can look up at the star-filled sky from the privacy of a spacious deck.

Upcycled Shipping Containers Transformed into a Luxury Home for a Unique Florida Vacation - Glamping Hub
Upcycled Shipping Containers Transformed into a Luxury Home in Florida

It is eco-friendly

Glamping is great when it comes to the environment. Most accommodations are constructed with eco-friendly materials. Shipping containers, for instance, are recycled and transformed into charming and very unique lodging.

Furthermore, the use of composting toilets, solar power, and working gardens reduces the environmental footprint and helps toward minimizing the impact we have in nature.

Endless adventures

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Most glamping accommodations are located in the wild and with so much nature surrounding, outdoor adventures are endless.

There’s whitewater rafting, canoeing, diving, hiking, and biking. Also, there’s wine tasting and wildlife watching. Or you can just relax. There are unlimited option for recreation while on a glamping holiday.

Written by Alexis Vega, SEO Specialist at Glamping Hub.

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