The role of good luck in a good life

Hard work and consistency are often cited as the most important factors to achieving success and to living a good life. But serendipity — which other people call “good luck” — also plays an important role in getting most things right in life. And in a #Travelife.

Breakfast with horses in the garden of
The Selman in Marrakech

For some reason, one holiday out of many I’ve had in beautiful Morocco keeps coming to mind as the holiday season approaches. Perhaps this is because I wish I were in sunny but cool Marrakech this December, celebrating Christmas in a private riad in a glamorous palace hotel like The Selman Marrakech, or at the amazing private villas of The Royal Mansour Marrakech or at a wonderful sprawling resort like the Four Seasons Marrakech. 

Breakfast with horses in the garden of
The Selman in Marrakech

In particular, I’ve been thinking about our driver on one particular holiday in Morocco, which was a holiday I did with The Travel Companion, and it took us from Casablanca to Rabat and Fes, and then to Marrakech and as far as the Sahara Desert. 

In the Sahara Desert, about 20 kilometers away from the outback town of Ouarzazate, we stayed in a destination hotel called Dar Ahlam, a Relais & Chateaux property, that took our breath away, being so chic in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

At the lovely Dar Ahlam,
a Relais & Chateaux property

The Travel Companion had gotten us the best driver to drive a Mercedes S class, which was at that time the best car possible to rent in Morocco, and this was way over-qualified to be driving a car — even for two intrepid world travelers who are pretty used to having the best all the time, and to having their way all the time.


The driver wore a well-pressed suit everyday, in contrast to our casual safari-type adventure type outfits, and he had an air of dignity 24/7. Most importantly, this driver could talk about anything. I would venture to say that he was the best educated driver I’ve ever had.

In hindsight, I regret not talking to him more, to understand more about Morocco, as I’m sure he would have been a wealth of information.

That’s our car, waiting to be loaded with a ton of luggage
on the day we flew out of Morocco…

But the Travel Companion and I were talking with each other all the time, and he was making me laugh so much when he wasn’t happily trying to make me sore about a few things, that there were few opportunities for real discussions with the driver during our trip.


But the few times we three did have a conversation, our Moroccan driver quoted the works of Islamic poets, French philosophers, and Spanish intellectuals.

Obviously, he would be doing so much more than driving a Benz around Morocco if he had been a citizen of a First World country instead.

In the United States, France or Canada, for instance, he would have made an excellent university professor or a journalist because he was an intellectual in every sense.


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After this trip, I couldn’t stop thinking about how big a part in life luck plays for us all.

It made me realize for the nth time that what happens in one’s life is not just about talent, ability or hard work, but about being in the right place at the right time — or even being in the right part of the world, for that matter.


Now the million dollar question: how do you get luck in life? For me, it’s a mixture of always thinking only of good outcomes and thinking about the best in people, choosing to do good when possible, eliminating negativity and worry from your life, and being thankful for everything nice that comes to you, big or small. 

Luck loves to good energy. It’s a simple as that. So practice the art of being happy and grateful for everything every single day, and eventually good luck will smile on you, allowing you to create the life you want — and that includes living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.