Life Lessons from a Clef D’Or Concierge at the Standart Moscow

Anton, the chief concierge at
The Standart Moscow

Good afternoon from the lounge at Moscow airport, waiting for my flight to Tokyo and living a #Travelife
I’ve just spent a most wonderful 9 days in Russia’s capital, enjoying time with friends, walking around the city, and exploring Moscow’s vibrant food culture.
The Standart Moscow

At noon today, Anton, the chief concierge of StandArt Moscow, Russia’s first luxury design hotel, walked down Tsverskaya Street, which is Moscow’s most famous shopping street. He walked with me to a Russian jewelry store where I’d bought a charm bracelet to remind me of my happy times in Moscow
I’d possibly forgotten three pieces of this bracelet at the store, you see; and instead of just phoning the store and giving me a helpless shrug afterwards, as many concierge are likely to do, he’d offered to go with me and sort everything out.
The pieces of this bracelet are not expensive, but it did put me slightly off balance to lose something in my always lucky #Travelife. 

You see, I’ve never lost anything in a hotel, missed a flight or had an unhappy experience in my Travelife. Even the slight detours in my life have always turned out for the better.
So losing something is an experience I am not quite used to. 

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At the jewelry store, as we sorted everything out to a happy ending, Anton suddenly said to me: “You know, if something is lost, you should just let it go. Otherwise, you will keep this feeling of loss inside you, and every loss will just add up inside until it all becomes so heavy.”
This applied to my bracelet, and it applies to everything in life as well. Interestingly, I’d lost something else today and I’m sure this was the Universe and the Law of Attraction talking to me about letting go.


Just last week, a lady named Joan told me in Manila: “God (or the Universe, for those who are not too religious) will always send you help exactly when you need it.”
Well, today, the timing of Anton’s advice was simply perfect. And what do you know? When I returned to the hotel, just like magic, there were the pieces of my bracelet on the carpet of my suite, literally waiting for me.
I’d been looking for these bracelet pieces for two days and people had come and gone into my suite in the interim. It was unfathomable exactly how these bracelet pieces suddenly appeared on the carpet just as I was packing up and rushing out to get to my car for Domodedovo Airport.
So this is what happens when you practice the art of letting go and allow things to happen as intended. Sometimes the forces of the Universe reward you and you eventually find what you lost again. Or it finds you. 🙂