Jose Rizal's signature in a Japanese hotel guest book from 1888

Today in Japan, living a Travelife, I woke up to the chirping of the birds around Mount Fuji and the Hakone National Park. 

My friends and I were staying at Japan’s top hot springs resort, known for its healing waters, and I’d had a very sound sleep.

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Then, after a nice full course Japanese breakfast, we headed over to spend the morning at a lovely museum.


In the afternoon, I took everyone to a historical hotel to see a circa 1888 guest book containing the signature of Jose Rizal as a guest.

Yes, Jose Rizal had stayed at this lovely Meiji-era hotel on his trip to Japan.


I’d first seen this guest book with Jose Rizal’s signature about 20 years ago, when I’d stayed over at this hotel.

The hotel general manager then had taken me down to the attic, where they kept hundreds of guestbooks, and pointed out Jose Rizal’s signature.




If not for him, as he was a big history buff, no one might have known about Jose Rizal’s signature.

And today, I was happy to be able to show a group of friends this same signature, in Japan, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.