Joan Miró’s workshop in Palma De Mallorca

On December 17, 2018, the Fundació Miró Mallorca – the museum which honors the life and work of Catalan artist Joan Miró located in the Balearic Capital of Palma – will re-open the famous ‘Taller Sert’ (Sert workshop) following 10 months of renovations.

Renovating Fundació Miró Mallorca

The workshop, which is connected to his house, became the artist’s main studio in 1956. He created most of his work here until his death in 1983. The artistic venue will re-open with new content to further reflect the life and work of the pioneering Catalan artist; and to further convey the spirit of the artist whilst showing how it was before Miró passed away.

The renovated ‘Taller Sert’ further enhances the visitor experience by showcasing the real environment in which the artist worked. This plays a key role in understanding Miró’s art.

The Fundació Miró Mallorca has introduced a new video, produced by Spanish production agency ‘La Perifèrica’. This explains the motifs behind the renovation of the workshop by showing a discussion between Sert and Miró about the building’s architecture. The video plays a key part in answering questions about the workshop and the role it plays in highlighting the life and work of Joan Miró.

What’s New

A new entrance is on the east side of the building. This first leads into a small room (previously a storage space) before continuing into the main workshop, designed to reflect Miro’s artistic ritual of confronting the creative process before he started to paint.

Sixty-five exact replicas replaced the previously featured original Miró paintings and sculptures, due to concerns with the conservation of the pieces. Some of the originals are still inside the Fundació Miro Mallorca.

The Department of Collections of the Fundació Miro Mallorca conducted research into the life and work of Joan Miró. They examined photographs, videos, artifacts, and personal objects left behind by the artist, in order to exactly replicate his creative thinking, as well as the way he worked within the space.

The studio photographed and documented each tile and paint stain in the workshop during the renovation project to develop a future cataloguing project. This will allow the Fundació Miró Mallorca to attribute each mark to a specific work of art.