Football superstar Christian Ronaldo was also living a Travelife in the same restaurant in Marrakech.

That’s me in Marrakech a few days ago,
living a #Travelife…

So last week in Marrakech, living a #Travelife, I booked one of my favourite restaurants for dinner on the very last night that all of my 35 friends were in Morocco with me. Some friends left earlier than others to catch flights and appointments back in Asia.

I love this restaurant for its ambience and for its food, and of course I saved the best for this last night that everyone was around.

As this whole week was also kind of my birthday week in Morocco, I hosted cocktails on the rooftop for the whole group and ordered some nice wines for dinner. This was one of my several birthday celebrations this month in cities as disparate as Manila, Marrakech, Tokyo and Taipei.

Yes, I’m heading for Taipei and then directly onwards to Tokyo sooner rather than later, for a series of birthday dinners and a stay in Tokyo that culminates with a private party for Yoko Ono. I am so looking forward to meeting her, so I am staying on in Tokyo longer than I should just for this.

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Come in Moroccan dress if you have one,” I said to everyone, for that last night dinner for the whole group.

Lots of my friends became enamoured with the colourful caftans of Morocco and the elegant djeballahs as well, you see, so they’d bought clothes in the souks and fashionable boutiques, and arrived for the transfer to the restaurant looking very local indeed.


Now this restaurant I took them to is one of my favourites because it’s truly mesmerising to behold from a design point of view. You literally walk in and you don’t know what to say.

Plus, as someone in the group pointed out, it has a palpable electricity and excitement in the air.

The food is great as well. It serves some of the best traditional cuisine in Marrakech.


Everyone was very happy with this restaurant. In fact, lots of my friends have posted photos online describing this dining experience as simply unforgettable.

In other words, so very Travelife.


Interestingly, football superstar Christian Ronaldo was eating in this same restaurant that evening. This is a very famous restaurant for Moroccan food and so everyone who is anyone comes here to eat when they visit Morocco.

It doesn’t matter how many times you visit Marrakech, you come here anyway because it’s fun and it’s like being in a fairy tale.

Perhaps that’s why we didn’t even notice Christian Ronaldo at the restaurant, although there were certainly a lot of beautiful people walking back and forth, on that lovely early autumn evening in this wonderful restaurant in Marrakech, where 35 friends and I were living a #Travelife.