Champagne and shopping with top fashion designer Fely Campo in Salamanca, Spain

On a recent visit to the beautiful city of Salamanca, a place I fell in love with at first sight, I wanted to take a souvenir home with me from Salamanca, apart from hundreds of wonderful memories. What better souvenirs than acorn-fed 100% Iberian Bellota ham and a coat from top Salamanca fashion designer Fely Campo.

Champagne & chocolates with fashion designer Fely Campo
in Salamanca, Spain

My friend Carmen, who lives in Salamanca, first told me about Fely Campo, who is the top fashion designer in Salamanca. Carmen said to me: “Fely Campo designs beautiful clothes. And she designs for real women.”

That sounded perfect for me, especially as I am on airplanes and in hotels every week, living a #Travelife. Most of it involves nice restaurants and wonderful events like evenings at the Bolshoi in Moscow or at the La Scala in Milan — so I need clothes that I can crush into a suitcase and then take out at my destination, put on, and feel fabulous in.

The Don Gregorio Hotel in Salamanca, Spain

Carmen and I walked from my hotel, the Don Gregorio, which happens to be the best hotel in Salamanca, in my opinion. Since I’m a hotel junkie, I looked at the other hotels in the top category, and nothing really came close to the Don Gregorio hotel in terms of style, service and privacy.

It was a 20-minute walk, which was perfect as it enabled me to clock more steps with my Fitbit Alta HR and feel better about myself just before walking into the boutique of Fely Campo, filled with beautiful and slender young women wearing Fely Campo dresses.


Shopping with Fely Campo
at the Fely Campo Boutique in Salamanca

I looked around for a bit and then finally Fely Campo arrived. It was pretty cool to be trying on clothes and to go shopping in the Fely Campo store together with the famous fashion designer herself. She picked out a red autumn coat for me and I loved it. 

Shopping with Fely Campo
at the Fely Campo Boutique in Salamanca

Then we sat down in her private lounge for pink champagne, chocolates and a chat. Fely Campo is now constructing a massive atelier and store just outside Salamanca, and the city of Salamanca is preparing an exhibit of her works to honor her as an artist of Salamanca.

Fashion designer Fely Campo

“Where do you get your inspirations for your clothes?” I asked her. She is so energetic, by the way. I could feel her positive energy just by sitting next to her.

“Basically from around the region where I live,” she replied, “but mostly from Salamanca, which is such a beautiful and elegant city.”

I certainly couldn’t agree more.