Afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Prague in the Czech Republic

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned afternoon tea complete with cakes, savoury sandwiches, biscuits and scones. And the Four Seasons Prague hosts one of the most wonderful afternoon tea experiences in the Czech Republic.

Afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Prague, the best hotel in Prague
This post is about afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Prague, the best hotel in Prague.

Coming in from a zero degree afternoon in Prague the other day, living a #Travelife, we decided on the spur of the moment to have afternoon tea in the lovely flower-filled lobby of the hotel.

By the way, this is my favourite hotel in Prague.


It has a great location with views of the river and the castle, and it also has beautiful rooms. 

That’s the chandelier in our bedroom
at the Four Seasons Prague…
I especially like the Renaissance-style rooms of the hotel which are decorated in blue and white.

There’s also something to be said about a hotel where all the staff know your name the moment you check in. It makes you feel really at home.

That’s me “at home” in Prague, living a #Travelife…
There are a handful of other hotels like this with fantastic service like this — the Grand Hotel Bordeaux in France, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, with concierge staff who are members of the prestigious Clef D’Ors, is another one.

And, believe me, I’m a very loyal customer to hotels like these. It’s nice to keep returning to a hotel where everyone greets you by name from Day 1.

Talk about great customer service.


What’s on my iPod in Prague:

I Could Be the One
Donna Lewis


The Four Seasons Prague, the best hotel in Prague

Still don’t know how they do it either, but I checked in at about 11 AM a few days ago, and from that moment onwards, I swear everyone from the bellman to the concierge and the lovely ladies and gentlemen in the lobby lounges and restaurant knew who I was.

We dropped our bags and then I put on my winter wear and then we went to walk to the famous bridge of Prague a few minutes away. The doorman greeted me by name as we walked out.

The Four Seasons Prague sure feels like home — no kidding, everyone makes you feel so at home and comfortable. And what a lovely home this is.

The Four Seasons Prague, the best hotel in Prague

Anyway, for a proper Czech afternoon tea after our walk, we had a steaming cups of chocolate in the Four Seasons Prague lobby and all kinds of goodies from a trolley by the piano.

As usual, my eyes traveled faster than my senses so we ended up ordering a little bit of everything as I wanted to try every single cake. There was a delicious and dangerous one that looked like an ordinary chocolate cake, except it was full of liquor.

I ate two slices of these chocolate cakes.

The Four Seasons Prague, the best hotel in Prague

The most unusual one — and my favorite — was a traditional Christmas cake from the Czech Republic with liquor and melty syrup, covered with colourful gum icing.

It was lovely and, again, I ate way more than I should have done, on a beautiful winter afternoon in Pragueliving a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.