A suite with a view in Hong Kong for the weekend. And how the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock markets are setting record highs.

So early this morning, living a #Travelife, I got on an early morning flight to Hong Kong.

The choices for breakfast were either Chinese (radish cake and dimsum) or Western (cheese crepes with ham).

I thought I’d jumpstart my Hong Kong no work-and-just fun weekend by having the Chinese breakfast, while catching up on two episodes of Downtown Abbey.

Yes, for once in quite awhile, I was in Hong Kong for more than a night, and I’d avoided scheduling any work appointments.

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As someone on Instagram commented, when I posted a photo of my breakfast, with a scene of Downton Abbey in the background: What a nice way to fly.

It truly was. Getting to watch my favourite TV show, which I only ever catch on an airplane, and eat starchy food was like playing hooky on a Friday morning.

Then in Hong Kong airport, my driver was waiting like clockwork with a sign with my name on it. Sam was quite chatty, so for much of the way to Central, we talked about the strong economy in Hong Kong — and particularly the booming stock market.


Everyone’s getting rich in Hong Kong,” he said, and wouldn’t it be nice if it was this way everywhere else in the world?

He himself was very jolly as he said his wife and mother were investing in the Shanghai stockmarket, and it had just hit a record high.

All too quickly, we were pulling up at the driveway of my hotel in Central, where I went straight to the spa for some much-needed R&R.


When I finally made it to my suite, what a wonderful view beheld me — literally a 180-degree view of Hong Kong’s Victouria Harbour and Kowloon, as far as my eye could manage.

This is probably the best view of the harbour and Kowloon side from a hotel room — and both my living room and bedroom have front-row seats to this amazing scene.

“No need to go out with a view like this,” I said. As you can imagine, we’re basically not going out of the hotel — and thank goodness this hotel has some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong.

And how nice it is to enjoy the suite life in Hong Kong, living a never-endingly eventful #Travelife.