Pre-Christmas weekend at Pico de Loro , with a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and a DJ on the beach

The idea for a weekend at Pico de Loro in Batangas came about with some serendipity.

I’d bumped into Rita Dy, long-time top executive of Singapore Airlines and now the president of the Pico de Loro Beach Club, at a party hosted by the Belgian Ambassador.

We talked about the Pico de Loro development, as another ambassador and his wife, who are very good friends of mine, had just visited Pico de Loro.

They’d mentioned to me how impressed they’d been by the beauty of the cove and the islands.

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“You must come and visit,” Rita said then.

This was before I flew to Morocco last month. And true to her word, an invitation to visit came by email last month, while I was in Marrakech, living a Travelife.

Pico de Loro, by the way, is a hotel and condominium complex developed by the SM group of companies within a massive property that includes a beach cove and some islands.

The property is so big that it’s a lovely drive from the entrance to the beach club, passing by mostly pristine land with beautiful views.

There’s a beach club right on the cove and a very comprehensive array of activities.

Everything is well-planned and within comfortable walking distance, although you can also take your own car or ride the Pico de Loro shuttle around the property.


On the new Cavitex road, Pico de Loro is just so close to Manila.

It’s about one hour and 45 minutes by car from Makati to the beach, with easy driving and some traffic at the entrance to the highway on the Manila side.

But once you’re there, it’s just a wonderful atmosphere for chilling out.

It was supposed to be the weekend of the super typhoon, but everything was fine and fun in Pico de Loro last weekend.

I was so glad I decided to brave what turned out to be non-existent rain, to head for Batangas.


The first thing that struck me was the beauty of the cove and the islands. This is truly a most picturesque part of the Philippines.

The beach, too, is within the cove and lined with beautiful white sand. From here, there’s a lovely sunset.

It was so nice and unbelievably peaceful to just spend Saturday night on the beach, living a Travelife.


On the day we arrived, Pico de Loro was having a big Christmas celebration that began with the lighting of the giant Christmas tree by the beach.



Then there was a concert with musicians, in-house chorale groups and performances, and a very cool Manila DJ who mixed music and images on a big screen.

This was just so enjoyable.

It was a nice evening with a breeze.

And the music floated through the air as we sat on tables right on the beach, feasting on lechon and other goodies in a wonderful spread created by guest chef JP Anglo, with everyone living a Travelife.


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